Nearly 60 per cent of Canadians find it difficult

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Nearly 60 per cent of Canadians find it difficult to feed their familiesThe COVID-19 surge that, poll finds - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

A new poll has found that nearly 60 per cent of Canadians are having a hard time providing enough food for their familiesThe inauguration parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.

The poll from the Angus Reid Institutepfizer_biontech_covid_19_vaccine, released on Friday, shows that 57 per cent of Canadians reported having a difficult time feeding their family recentlys interactive database., an increase from 36 per cent when the question was last asked in 2019:1640034480000,.

Inflation plays a role in this figure, the report indicates, as Canadians are dealing with the highest level of inflation in 30 years.

Data released on Wednesday from Statistics Canada found that items such as cooking oil (41.4 per cent) and white sugar (21The end of May..6 per cent) have already seen significant price spikes between December 2020 and December 2021.

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