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We know that the color matching during decoration is principled. Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian summarizes three principles

1. Matching with the same color: matching with the same color, the decoration style is rigorous, orderly and atmospheric. 2. Close color matching: close color matching makes the decoration style lively, harmonious and delicate. 3. Matching of contrasting colors: we must use this matching method with caution in decoration, because matching has high requirements for color, and a little carelessness will have a negative effect. But black and white color collocation, dark red furniture and light color floor collocation are very good

some small houses have poor lighting, but we must pay attention to the unity of colors. The unity of color design plays a role in changing or creating a certain style in interior decoration, which will bring people some visual differences and artistic enjoyment, and make people "bright in the eyes". Therefore, color is an important factor that cannot be ignored in interior decoration design. It is self-evident to understand the different functions of different colors and the important role of people's own requirements for color. How can we solve the problem of later decoration

I. color matching solution

1 Rooms with poor lighting will appear dim, and large areas of light colored flooring, ceramic tiles and other decoration materials will improve this problem. Light colored materials have a sense of reflection and can adjust the dark light of the room

2. The usage of dark color system is also very particular. The partial use of dark color has the function of emphasis and contrast. The strength contrast between it and light color system can increase the sense of hierarchy of space

second, soft lighting makes up for the lack of daylighting

some small houses will be designed with aisles connecting the living room and bedroom or bathroom, and some aisles will be located away from the windows, which will lead to poor light in the aisles. Such channels can generally be adjusted by soft lighting. It is not suitable to use spotlights in aisles, because the effect of spotlights is to emphasize a certain object, which will be too dazzling in aisles. If you pass through aisles at night and turn on spotlights, your eyes will be very uncomfortable

when arranging light sources in the corridor, the opening of the light eaves can be upward, so that the lamp tube can be reflected through the ceiling. Because there are no exposed light sources and lamps, the whole indoor space appears complete and free of glare, and the light emitted by the light eaves is evenly and gently distributed in the space. Designing the corridor top surface in this way, the owner will not feel dazzling because the light is too strong when passing through the corridor at night

Wuhan home improvement network suggests that in order to make the aisle more convenient to use at night, the owner can choose energy-saving lighting, so that even if the lighting is turned on all night, the power consumption will not be too much. This design method is also suitable for use in small living rooms

third, choose decorative materials with transparent texture

in a room where the room is not spacious enough, you can use glass, metal and other materials with a strong sense of permeability. Hollow out design will also play a good decorative adjustment effect. The texture of materials should be consistent with each other, which will make the space visually extended. Transparent space is the biggest magic weapon to make up for the lack of light. For more decoration knowledge, please log in to Chongqing decoration company





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