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Study plays an increasingly important role in modern home life. It is not only a place for leisure and reading, but also a working space. Just like the car is a beloved "lover", for some people, the study is not too much compared to "tea". If there is a study at home, it is ideal. If there is no special study, you can also choose a comfortable corner to create a space as a study. Modern people have endowed the study with new ideas. As long as it is suitable for leisure, reading, work and meeting, you can set it as you like. Today, Jincheng Real Estate Network introduces some necessary knowledge points of study decoration to you. Hope to be helpful to the decoration people in need

knowledge point 1: the style of the study

like other bedroom spaces, the style of the study is diverse, and it is difficult to summarize it with a unified model. The following is a brief analysis of the style of the study from three aspects

(1) Chinese traditional style generally requires simplicity and elegance, reflecting the charm of "study" in the traditional sense

(2) European style, the so-called European style is the general name of our ancient and modern European interior style

(3) modern style. The greatest feature of modern style is simplicity and clarity. It abandons many unnecessary additional decorations and designs based on plane composition, color composition and three-dimensional composition, with special attention to the mining of space color and shape changes

knowledge point 2: four elements of study decoration

Ming - lighting and daylighting of the study. As a place for the owner to read and write, the study should have high requirements for lighting and daylighting. It is best to put the desk by the window with sufficient sunshine but not direct sunlight. The study must be equipped with a lamp and a spotlight for the bookcase, which is convenient for the owner to read and find books

Quietness is necessary for self-cultivation. Quietness is very necessary for the study, so when decorating the study, we should choose those decorative materials with good sound insulation and absorption effects

elegance -- fresh and elegant. In your study, even a few simple handicrafts can add a little elegance and freshness to your study

sequence - guarantee of work efficiency

knowledge point 3: key points of study design

it is also necessary to deal with the relationship between the study and other spaces, which can be roughly divided into three types: closed type, open type and balanced type

knowledge point 4: four elements of family computer room design

good ventilation, computers need a good ventilation environment, therefore, the doors and windows of the computer room should keep the air smooth, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the machine

the color is soft. The color of the room should not be too bright or too dark, but should take soft colors, such as light green dados, scarlet floors, and light yellow curtains

the temperature is suitable. The temperature of the computer room should be controlled between 0 ℃ and 30 ℃. There are three taboos in the placement of computers: first, they should be placed in the window directly exposed to the sun; Second, avoid placing it under the radiator of the air conditioner; Three taboos are placed near the radiator or heater

the humidity is appropriate, and the optimal relative humidity of the computer room is about 40% to 70%. Excessive humidity will make the contact performance of components worse or rust; The humidity is too small, which is not conducive to the release of stored power after random dynamic shutdown inside the machine, and it is also easy to generate static electricity




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