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In fact, there are many seemingly inconspicuous things in furniture, but they play a great role, such as today's protagonist &mdash& mdash; screen window. What is the function of screen window? The first thing you think of must be mosquito prevention

in fact, there are many seemingly insignificant things in furniture, but they play a great role, such as today's protagonist &mdash& mdash; screen window. What is the function of screen window? The first thing you think of must be mosquito prevention, especially in the hot summer evening, you want to open the window to breathe, but you are afraid of mosquitoes flying in. Another function of the screen window is to protect privacy. A layer of yarn is looming. Even if you are naked in the room, you are not afraid of the beauty peeping across the room. So, let's talk about the types of screen windows and what we should pay attention to when choosing them. There are mainly four kinds of screen windows. 1. Fixed screen windows

fixed screen windows should be the oldest kind of screen windows (commonly known as sheet yarn), with frames on four sides and yarn in the middle

its advantage is that it is strong and durable. Many old houses still use this kind of screen window. Its disadvantage is that it is somewhat old and unsightly in appearance, which is not suitable for newly opened commercial houses. When it is not used in winter, it needs to be unloaded, and the lighting effect is not very good. This kind of screen window is not a mainstream product now. It is somewhat outdated, but the price is cheap, so some customers will choose it. However, if a frameless balcony window is installed on the balcony, it is strongly recommended not to install this type of screen window, otherwise the overall facade of the frameless window will be damaged

2 folding screen window

folding screen window has appeared in the market in recent years. Because it folds like a fan, it is more beautiful. However, mosquitoes may enter from the folding screen window much higher than the invisible screen window. And the wind proof effect of folding screen window is not good

in addition, the biggest disadvantage of folding screen windows is that the gauze net may not be retracted after being wet and exposed to the sun, and the thread rope worn in it is also easy to break. Therefore, it is suggested that you had better not choose folding screen windows

3 magnetic stripe screen window

that is, soft magnetic stripe screen window, which is to stick magnetic stripe around the window frame, and magnetic stripe is also equipped around the screen. When in use, the screen can be absorbed on the window frame, and when not in use, the screen can be removed

although it is stronger and better sealed than the mainstream invisible screen window, it is not convenient for daylighting, and it cannot be folded when the window is closed, which requires additional storage space

the most fatal weakness of this kind of screen is the limited service life of the magnetic strip, which generally needs to be replaced every 2-3 years. And if the yarn is broken and the magnetic strips around it are replaced together, the cost of each fan will increase significantly

4 invisible screen window

invisible screen window (roller shutter screen window) is the most popular in the market at present. A good invisible screen window can adjust the spring force in the yarn box by itself. Some yarn boxes can be removed to add force and reduce force, and some can also automatically remove floating dust. It was suggested that this kind of new screen is easy to break, because you ordered low-quality invisible screen products from small manufacturers, and good domestic screens are very mature

to choose a good product, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

★ it depends on whether the product you choose is suitable for your window type. If you don't understand it, you should consult the screen manufacturer. Generally, the manufacturer will design and install it for customers free

★ at present, there are glass fiber mesh, PVC mesh and 304 stainless steel mesh in the market. The choice of Internet depends on personal preferences. I suggest that stainless steel mesh can be installed in inland areas that are not close to the sea, and glass fiber mesh and PVC mesh can be installed in areas close to the sea or with acid. However, 304 stainless steel can also be installed where there are mice. The choice of fiberglass mesh and PVC mesh depends on the size of the mesh. It is OK to be even, smooth and smooth. Generally, it can be used for 3-5 years. Choose 304 stainless steel mesh first to see, touch. See if it is electroplated with iron wire. The color that is too eye-catching is generally not stainless steel. Stainless steel is bright with a little black. Touch is to touch whether its texture is hard and smooth enough. If it is too soft and slippery enough, it is usually plated with iron wire

★ it depends on the thickness of the material. At present, the thickness of screen materials on the market is uneven. Of course, the thickness and price are different. The price of more than 1.0 mm is high, but the quality is guaranteed. Another thing is the accessories of the screen window. Take the ordinary sliding screen window for example. The manufacturer will not use 1.0mm material to make it, but generally uses 0.5mm thick screen window material to make the frame. Generally, the accessories are made of recycled plastic. There are no screws at the four corners, and the wheels are made of two plastics. They are not very smooth when opening and often get stuck. The corners of this kind of screen window are the easiest to break down and fall off in the process of using





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