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Changsha decoration Association received 265 complaints about decoration in 2015. The original four month decoration period has passed, but it has not been completed yet; For the renovation of kitchen and bathroom water and electricity, the construction party did not do the concealed works test, resulting in frequent problems before the warranty period of decoration... These troubles that should not have appeared in the decoration process are quite common in Changsha. Recently, the reporter learned from Changsha building decoration industry association that up to now in 2015, about 265 decoration complaints have been received from citizens, down about 15% from 315 last year. Among them, common decoration problems such as construction period delay, quality problems and arbitrary decoration charges account for about 45% of citizens' complaints

delays in construction period and false price reports are common.

delays in construction period have become a new problem for home decoration consumption rights protection. Mr. Zou, a citizen, complained to this newspaper that in March this year, he entrusted Changsha mingnuofen decoration and Design Museum to decorate. The contract agreed that the construction period was 80 days, but he failed to deliver the house until the end of the year. Because the construction period was delayed again and again, he could only renew the lease for another half a year, and the amount lost was nearly 10000 yuan

according to the data of Changsha decoration Association, the complaints of decoration delay account for about 13%. Chen Zili, Secretary General of Changsha decoration Association, said that the reasons for the delay in the construction period involved the inadequate decoration materials, unauthorized changes in the decoration design, the construction technology failing to meet the requirements, and the owners' failure to pay on time. "According to the law, if the decoration company delays the construction period due to its own fault, it should pay liquidated damages to consumers and bear the corresponding economic losses." Chen Zili said

in addition, according to the data of Changsha decoration Association, about 8% of the citizens complained about arbitrary decoration fees and prices. Generally speaking, regular decoration companies will take the initiative to provide consumers with the project budget list before construction, but when calculating the construction area, it is not uncommon to deliberately increase the area, increase the charging items, and the inconsistency between the materials on the decoration quotation and the actual use. If you don't understand the materials, you can go to the decoration materials market to understand them and know them well. If necessary, the decorator shall estimate the consumption of various decoration materials, and indicate the detailed construction methods and material names and grades on the construction drawings as annexes to the contract

the complaint rate of regular home decoration companies is declining

in the complaint data, the complaint rate of regular home decoration companies is declining, while the complaint rate of unqualified home decoration companies and guerrillas has increased significantly. It is understood that at present, there are more than 3000 decoration companies registered by the Department of industry and Commerce in Changsha, and more than 500 are in normal operation, not including decoration guerrillas that are difficult to count and active in the market

in view of the current situation of the decoration market, the relevant person in charge of Changsha Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development said that in 2016, the intensity of front-end services will be increased, and the decoration risk points will be informed to consumers in advance through online exchanges, organization of publicity, community lectures, forums and other forms, so as to improve consumers' ability to avoid risks. "We hope that through various activities, we can strengthen the industry norms and let more consumers know the decoration norms and service standards." He said

"in 2016, Changsha will also further guide home decoration enterprises to strengthen self-discipline and standardize market behavior, so that the home decoration industry can get a more healthy and orderly development." Chen Zili said





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