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In home decoration, latex paint is the one that has the most contact with consumers. As long as it is painting the wall, you can't leave it. Coatings are generally divided into water-based paint and oil-based paint. Emulsion paint is a kind of water-based paint. It is mainly applied to the painting of internal and external walls of families. It is the paint variety that has the most contact with consumers. Now the latex paint on the market is really messy, gradually entering the charming eye, with different brands, specifications, grades, functions and colors. In terms of price, the 5-liter package ranges from dozens of yuan to fourorfive yuan; In terms of function, latex paint is more effective from scrubbing resistance, covering cracks to mold resistance and antibacterial; In color, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple. Whatever color you want, the color mixer can adjust it for you

for consumers, both purchase and painting are very troublesome. Quality, environmental protection and price are all things to worry about. The reporter interviewed a number of insiders, hoping to help you buy latex paint more worry free and more comfortable during construction

◆ choose and buy. Through comparative tests, we can see the environmental protection index of latex paint in the market. The most important thing is the content of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The national standard stipulates that the VOC content in each liter of emulsion paint shall not exceed 200 grams. In order to make it convenient for consumers to buy latex paint, recently, the China Consumer Association, together with the consumer associations of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Sichuan provinces and cities, conducted a comparative test of 83 kinds of interior wall latex paint products

◆ the environmental protection of brand paint is more assured

according to the published results, the environmental protection performance of latex paint basically meets the standard, and the contents of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and soluble heavy metals in all samples meet the national standards; Only one sample of formaldehyde content exceeds the upper limit of the national standard. The 83 samples used in the experiment were purchased from 19 building materials markets or supermarkets in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou, covering major international and domestic well-known brands and local brands, as well as products of the same brand at different prices. Therefore, consumers who pay attention to environmental protection can give priority to the purchase of brand latex paint

special reminder: when purchasing latex paint, you should go to the building materials market with good reputation. Most of the mainstream brand products in the formal building materials market have environmental performance that meets national standards

◆ the higher the price is, the better the performance is.

as for the price problem that consumers are concerned about, according to the test results, the higher the price is, the better the performance index is. The price of latex paint on the market varies greatly, with the price per liter of 83 samples ranging from 7 yuan to 117 yuan. Compared with the highest priced sample of 117 yuan per liter and the sample of 63.5 yuan per liter, the test results of environmental protection, covering ability, stain resistance, mold resistance and other properties are not significantly different. And some of the two commodities with large unit price differences also have their own advantages and disadvantages in the comparison of performance indicators

special reminder: when purchasing such products, we should take good cost performance as the purchasing standard. Consumers should choose latex paint with corresponding characteristics according to different functions of the room. For example, it is best to choose products with good mildew resistance in toilets and basements, and products with good stain resistance and scrub resistance in kitchens and bathrooms; Choosing latex paint with certain elasticity is beneficial to covering cracks and protecting the decorative effect of the wall; Choose your own multi-functional products, etc

in addition, the inspection also found that due to the close relationship between the various properties of coating products, and even mutual constraints, for the popular multi-functional products in the market, the single performance may not be outstanding, but the comprehensive performance is generally good




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