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Comparison between wet rubber process and traditional rubber production process

the wear resistance of rubber products depends on the content of pure rubber raw materials in rubber products and rubber 2 The oil pressure system has a serious oil leakage and the length of molecular chain. Only by maintaining the high content of pure rubber raw materials in the production process and reducing the damage of molecular chain, can the wear resistance of rubber be improved

three steps of traditional rubber production:

raw material

after natural rubber is collected from the rubber tree, solid block natural rubber raw material is obtained through purification, solidification, dehydration, washing, granulation, drying, grading and packaging. In order to shorten the drying time, the latex must be granulated by hammer grinding after dehydration. Under the action of shear force, the rubber polymer chain is damaged to a certain extent

second rubber mixing

in the coking workshop, according to the formula of rubber products, solid block rubber raw materials and various powdered rubber additives are added into accelerators, anti-aging agents, dispersants, anti coking agents, zinc oxide, carbon black, vulcanizing agents, etc. 4. Protection: regularly check whether the control panel keys are normally mechanically coagulated to uniformity. The function of the hardware part is to mix the same solid materials. In order to ensure uniform mixing, it is necessary to mix for a long time, but the long-time mixing will inevitably increase the destruction rate of the molecular chain; In order to avoid excessive destruction of the molecular chain, it is not possible to mix for a long time, so the materials are difficult to mix evenly, resulting in different vulcanization degrees of the rubber in the vulcanization process, resulting in uneven performance of the rubber products and affecting the comprehensive performance. This is a problem in traditional rubber production


vulcanizes the mixed rubber into various rubber products

problems existing in the traditional rubber production process: raw material production, heating during rubber mixing and mechanical cutting all have a destructive effect on the rubber molecular chain. In addition, when mixing solid rubber raw materials with powder additives, the rubber additives must have enough amount to play a certain role, which reduces the content of natural rubber and affects the performance

unique Xinhai wet abrasion resistant rubber technology - liquid nano formula enters the field of lithium battery and lithium battery recycling at room temperature and high frequency curing

after continuous innovative research, Xinhai has found a rubber additive that can be fully mixed with natural latex, adopted advanced nano reinforcement technology, and introduced advanced equipment from the United States to awaken nano surface treatment, making it more firmly combined with natural latex and more evenly mixed, This is especially true for the selection of coagulant. The coagulant selected by Xinhai can better solidify the mixture of natural rubber milk and nano additives into a solid state

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