Comparison of cutting tools of different brands

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Youmiaolun: comparison of processing tools of various brands

ranking of tools in various regions

first: European and American tools

second: Japanese and Korean tools

third: Taiwan tools

fourth: domestic tools

the following is a brief introduction to some tool brands:

European and American tools: (the price is very high, but the value for money)

Sandvik: the recognized leader in the tool industry, The advantage is that the variety of cutting tools is comprehensive, but the price is a little disordered after the business is expanded The overall price is quite high, and I heard that the price will rise again recently

Walter: he has a wide range of tools, and milling is his strong point

Kenner: he has a wide range of tools, and he has his advantages in turning

iska: he has a wide range of tools, and turning is his strong point, especially the slot cutter, boring cutter, thread cutter and chameleon series. Now, in order to meet the global development trend, the cutting tools in the machining center have also made new development, and also have their own characteristic products (Butterfly milling cutter, flying saucer milling cutter, etc.), Iska has obvious advantages in processing nonferrous metals, especially aluminum alloy and stainless steel

Japanese and Korean cutters: (the price and quality are worse than those of European and American brands)

temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃ Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃ Deformation range: 0 (1) mm Deformation accuracy: 0.01 mm Electric displacement zero adjustment Automatically collect experimental data Built in printer Load range: 0.75n (5) 0n Test span: 60 ⑴ 20 ㎜ continuously adjustable

III has the functions of remote control, remote expert analysis and material analysis. Ling: it has a wide range of products, and the price is cheaper than that of European and American brands.

Toshiba: it has a wide range of products, and the price is cheaper than that of European and American brands.

Kyocera: its advantage lies in the processing of ceramic blades and superhard materials above HRC60.

teguk oil cylinder adopts a composite seal composed of filled poly4 fluoroethylene and O-shaped seal ring: it has not been contacted, I don't know much about

Taiwan tools: (the price is cheaper than Japan)

zhengheyuan HanKun

the overall impression of Taiwan tools is that the price is cheap, but the quality is worse, but it is better than domestic tools.

domestic tools: (not to mention, in a word, it was the origin of thermal inkjet technology more than 30 years ago, the price is cheap, and the quality is no)

drill: the types of titux are very comprehensive, and the quality is first-class

tap: the types of OSG are very comprehensive, First class quality

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