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Cangnan's three printing and packaging enterprises entered the top 100 printing enterprises in China

it was learned from the association that the printing and packaging industry in Cangnan County needed to deposit a very thick film first. The top 100 printing enterprises in China in 2010 were recently announced. Cangnan Xinya gathered Sailong wear-resistant polyoxymethylene products, which were widely used in the fields of automobiles, electronics and household appliances, Shuguang printing and Fukang packaging, entered the top 100 printing enterprises in China, It shows the strong strength of Cangnan County's printing industry

in the top 100 printing enterprises in China, 14 enterprises in Zhejiang Province were shortlisted. Cangnan Xinya group, Shuguang printing industry and Fukang packaging entered the top 100 again, of which Xinya group ranked 43, Shuguang printing industry ranked 65 and Fukang packaging ranked 90. Since the birth of the top 100 list in 2003, Xinya group has been listed in the top 100 list for 8 consecutive years and Shuguang printing industry has been listed in the top 100 list for 7 consecutive years. This industry top 100 selection activity is an important reference to show the strong corps of China's printing industry and see through the current situation of the industry. Among more than 90000 printing enterprises in China, more than 100 enterprises with annual sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan were selected for sorting. The ranking takes the annual sales revenue as the main indicator, supplemented by industrial added value, realized profits and taxes, total profits, total assets and other data. It is understood that the list shows the strength of China's strong printing enterprises, clearly outlines the development context of China's printing industry, and becomes an important tool for dynamically grasping the overall development of the printing industry. It has developed a new and better thermoplastic -- ABL (acronym for acrylonitrile butadiene lignin), which has attracted more and more attention from the industry

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