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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between hard hitting and spurting

a few days ago, A friend working as a clerk in an office building asked the author, "I want to buy a printer. I don't know what to recommend. People say that the current laser printer is worth buying (very cost-effective) Right? However, I always think that the printing quality of laser printers is not as good as that of ink-jet printers, but the molecular structure of ink-jet printers. After careful design, the consumables of printing machines are too expensive. If I have a lot of documents to print every day, the expenditure is too large. Brother, please point out the way! " How to choose between jet and percussion? I believe there are not a few friends who have similar questions, so the author will take the questions of this case to express his personal views and make an objective comparison:

in fact, we can not just say that it is better to buy an inkjet printer or a laser printer. This is a very one-sided and general statement, because different types of work determine the application needs of users for different products. For black-and-white laser printers and color laser printers, I don't think I need to explain how to make a choice. The following is mainly about the differences and the comparison of advantages and disadvantages between jet and percussion

1. Product selling price

let's first look at a set of data:

before purchasing the product, you should first give the printer a price budget based on your actual work needs. In fact, many users, including companies, enterprises or individuals, will budget the purchase price within a reasonable range before purchasing printers. The above table is the author's summary of the approximate selling prices of the three printers on the market at present. You can make a brief reference. Among them, the printers at the lowest entry price are more popular. So to choose a product, you can first look at the price you set

2. Print quality

inkjet printers use ink to directly spray onto the media to form text graphics. After high-temperature heating by the nozzle, fine lubricated ink droplets can well adhere to the media surface. In principle, the finer the ink drop, the more delicate the printed picture will be, and the printing effect will naturally be more outstanding. At present, the most delicate ink drops have developed to 1 microliter, which is far beyond the human eye's ability to distinguish. In addition, inkjet printing is also very advantageous in color control. General printers use more than four color combinations (up to 8 color printing at present). After data calculation and synthesis, they can show tens of millions of sub colors. It can be said that inkjet printing is very strong in color expression. In particular, the "constant color" ink, which appeared only in recent years, can print very realistic and beautiful photos with special photo paper, and can be stored for decades without fading

the printing principle of laser printing is quite complex. To put it simply, it is the process that the toner forms an image after a series of steps such as charging, exposure, imaging, transfer and fixing after the elongation at break of General PE is 90% ~ 950% (of which the elongation of linear low density polyethylene LLDPE is high). The specific analysis is not detailed here. Interested friends can refer to "Introduction to shopping guide! Analysis of working principle of laser printer". Back to the point, in fact, whether it is black-and-white or color, the print quality is as good as the automatic peak measurement requirements. Especially when printing text charts and other documents, its accuracy is very high. However, when printing photo files with color shock printing, the expressiveness is weaker than that of spray printing, and the manufacturer needs to continue the technical development

what I want to explain here is the resolution. Many people think that the resolution of jet printing and percussion is the same concept, which is a description of printing accuracy. In fact, this understanding is wrong! Due to the different printing technology and affinity for printing paper, the 600dpi resolution in laser printing mode is basically equivalent to the 1200dpi to 2400dpi of jet printing. Therefore, the print quality of jet printing and percussion printing cannot be simply compared from the resolution, but depends on the actual effect, which should be paid attention to

3. Printing speed

take the more common products in the current market for example. The low-end inkjet printer, such as Lenovo 3210, costs 299 yuan, and the printing speeds of black-and-white and color are 14ppm and 8ppm respectively; The same entry-level black-and-white punch, such as Konica Minolta's Pagepro 1300W, costs about 1300 yuan and the printing speed is 16ppm; The low-end HP 2550L is about 3500 yuan, and the printing speed is 16 pages/min in black and white and 4 pages/min in color. At this time, many friends may think that the relatively expensive laser printer has no speed advantage just from the speed parameter. However, it should be noted that these speeds are measured under the so-called standard environment of the manufacturer, which is not completely convincing. When printing some documents in "non-standard environment", such as large-capacity charts, photo files, etc., the printing speed of the laser printer will be significantly faster than that of the jet printing, and its speed advantage will become more prominent

4. Printing load force

in the eyes of ordinary users, the printing load force of the printer seems to be nothing, but it is actually a very important purchase reference, which to some extent determines the original intention of users' choice between jet printing and shock printing. For example, the HP 2550L color stimulator above has a load capacity of 30000 pages/month, that is, it can print up to 30000 pages of ordinary documents per month, and can bear an average of 1000 pages per day. In general, it will not deform the document printing effect with the increase of printing times. But what about gunshot? It is difficult for the low-end inkjet printer to have a lifetime of 10000 pages. Even if the compatible ink with quality problems is used, it will be scrapped within three days. This is not alarmist. More commonly, when you print more than 30 pages in a row, the print quality will be obviously out of shape. It can be seen that, for the heavy printing task, inkjet printing is basically unable to bear. At this time, it is very necessary to choose a powerful, stable and reliable percussion

5. Printing cost

with the improvement of consumption level, people have gradually realized that whether it is an inkjet printer or a laser printer, its consumables have become a "beauty" for manufacturers to make huge profits through relevant utilization research, and the printer itself only acts as a brick in the process of "throwing bricks and attracting jade". The selling price of consumables will be directly linked to the printing cost of users. If consumables are expensive, the printing cost will naturally be high. Printer consumables generally include ink, toner (toner), toner cartridge, paper, etc., of which ink and toner are the most important

generally speaking, the price of the original ink cartridge used in the current inkjet printer is about onehundredandtwohundred yuan. It can print four to fivehundred ordinary A4 text files. Ignoring the paper cost, the average printing cost per page is about 0.2 to 0.5 yuan. The price of a toner cartridge for a laser printer is about 500 yuan (black and white). If the loss of the toner cartridge is not considered (the service life of the toner cartridge is usually very high, and it is allowed to be excluded from the list of consumables under less strict conditions), its converted printing cost is less than 0.1 yuan. In this way, if you print a large number of documents, you can save money on several printers in a month. The advantage is very obvious

summary: in general, inkjet printing is more outstanding in terms of color, especially in the interpretation of photo printing. The laser printer is more handy in the printing of text, charts and other documents. This advantage is more obvious when printing with ordinary paper. Another outstanding contrast lies in the load force of the printer, which is also one of the important reference points for us to choose between jet printing and percussion. It is very simple. The printing volume is very high, and the ink-jet printing with small volume and high requirements for color printing is selected. In the field of users, scarification is generally used in enterprises, businesses, small working groups and other working environments, while inkjet printers have gradually moved closer to the household field and become personal consumer goods due to the pressure of color scarification. However, at present, inkjet printing is still very popular in some business offices, office buildings and other workplaces. (end)

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