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On May 28 and other consumables days, PP warehouse receipts opened briefly

oil prices fell sharply on Tuesday. Plastic PP warehouse receipts rose slightly today, and the red weakness on the disk continued. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0807 opened slightly higher at 14320 yuan/ton, and quickly rose 14380 yuan after the opening. In order to ensure its sensitivity, low friction and stable pressure/ton, but the rise failed to continue, and the price quickly fell to the lowest point of 14260 yuan/ton. Then the buyer made efforts to raise it again to 14340 yuan/ton, and the overall price trend was n-shaped. The competition between the buyer and the seller is fierce, and the trading atmosphere is active. The K-line chart shows that the entity has received a short positive line, and the center of gravity of the main body is flat with that of the previous trading day. The opening of the third line of KDJ index continues to narrow at a high level. MACD indicator red column height continued to rise

in the spot market, the PP market was active, and the price rise of Sinopec pushed up the market expectation again, and the offer of merchants rose sharply. Downstream factories can't see the signs of PP high-level decline, the commencement situation is still not improved, and the overall delivery is not much. However, the rising bull market has provided opportunities for middlemen to make profits, and the trading atmosphere among traders is good

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