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On July 22, LLDPE warehouse opening brief comment

the operating rate of downstream enterprises is getting worse, traders are still struggling upside down, and there is a strong contradiction between supply and demand between the sluggish demand and the continuous flow of resources from the two major petrochemical enterprises. The main warehouse receipt ll0809 continued to open low and go low, opening low at 14200 yuan/ton, confrontation between long and short, and the selling price was relatively dominant. From the K-line trend chart, the 5-day moving average fell away from the entity. The moving average used a degradable material system, which was arranged in a loose manner, and the market was torn apart by long and short. The international influence of the plastic extruder industry continued to rise. Selling profits were made in colleges, enterprises and institutions:

the price reduction of petrochemicals cannot stimulate the desire of downstream enterprises to take goods, and there is no sign of improvement in the market. The warehouse receipt market is dominated by consolidation

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