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On May 30, LLDPE warehouse orders opened with a brief comment on the

market and entered the next interface. Most of the positive factors were crude oil and ethylene monomers remained at a high level, petrochemical manufacturers had no inventory pressure, and prices mainly rose. The warehouse receipt market fluctuated upward, and the entity was far away from the top of the 5-day moving average, which was straight up. If the main enterprise wants to make great progress, the warehouse receipt ll0807 opens low and goes high. With 1470 plus the commissioning of the production line, it opens low at 0 yuan/ton. There is a trading dispute in the session, and the buying push up the situation. The highest quotation is 14750 yuan/ton. The buying is slightly dominant, and the traders operate cautiously. From the 5-minute K-line trend chart, the 5-day moving average system is worn on, the order of the moving average system is chaotic, the physical price is gradually moving up, the market is long and short, and the buying is profitable

in the case of rising external prices, petrochemical overhaul is ongoing and will continue to be carried out, the author expects that there is still room for improvement in the LLDPE market

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