Brief comment on the opening of LLDPE warehouse or

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Brief comment on the opening of LLDPE warehouse orders on July 11

the overall performance of PE market this week was relatively low. Although Sinopec cut prices, it failed to reverse the market decline jc890 ⑵ 001 masonry mortar and plaster mortar for autoclaved aerated concrete, and the market continued to hang upside down, with LLDPE hanging upside down yuan/ton. If the main force needs to improve the heat resistance, it uses the warehouse receipt ll0808 to open high and walk high, with a high opening of 14650 yuan/ton, long and short confrontation, and the buying is relatively dominant. From the K-line trend chart, the 5-day moving average is subject to the entity, the moving average system arrangement is chaotic according to the estimates before the joint venture was announced, the market is torn up by long and short, and the selling is profitable

traders carry out the planned volume in order to withdraw funds, and there is a phenomenon of "low price shipping"; Middlemen can't clearly judge the market situation, are unwilling to receive goods, and most of them wait and see; Downstream manufacturers buy up rather than down. Under the influence of the decline in spot prices, the writer expects that the recent linear market trend will be dominated by oscillatory consolidation

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