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On June 27, LLDPE warehouse receipt opening brief comment

market news said that Sinopec will continue until the end of the month, and the market quotation will decline slightly, but the downstream is not active in taking goods, mainly taking goods with use, and most of them will take goods after the price is stable. The main warehouse receipt ll0808 opened high and flat, with a high opening of 15203 yuan/ton, and the trading atmosphere was weak. From the 5-minute K-line trend chart, the 5-day moving average rose in a broken line, away from the upper part of the entity, the moving average system was arranged in a chaotic manner, the market was torn between long and short, and the sale was profitable. 3. LCD Chinese character display

stimulated by the oil price, the author predicts that the warehouse receipt market will directly use its characteristics to casually pull out different faces, which will launch another wave of upward market

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