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A brief comment on the opening of PP warehouse receipts on May 23

after the oil price soared on Thursday, it was callback to $130. Today, the warehouse receipt of sinoplastics PP was slightly adjusted, and the disk was crisscrossed with red and green. Pp0807, the main warehouse receipt variety, opened significantly lower at 13815 yuan/ton. After the opening, the price began to fluctuate and rise. Ten minutes later, the price began to rise linearly to 1387 yuan/ton at 13836 yuan/ton. This product is widely used in wood deep processing industry and wood-based panel production enterprises at 5 yuan/ton, and violently shook at the high level. The buyer and the seller compete fiercely, and the trading atmosphere is not good. The K-line chart shows that the entity has received a short male line with bare head and feet, the position of the entity's center of gravity is the same as that of the previous trading day, and the opening of the third line of KDJ index has expanded upward. MACD index red column height is not an extension of the quality problem is still relatively short

in the spot market, on the whole, although the demand has not been effectively amplified, the current market fundamentals are acceptable, the international oil price continues to rise, the market resources are not much as a whole, and domestic petrochemical enterprises are still raising factory quotations. It is expected that the PP market will consolidate at a high level in the near future, and there are still opportunities for some to rise

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