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Analysis on the development trend of China's coal mine equipment manufacturing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period

the 2010 national coal work conference made it clear that coal production is dominated by large coal enterprises, large coal bases and large modern coal mines, basically forming a stable supply pattern, and by 2015, forming 1 billion ton and 10 50million ton super large coal enterprises; The mechanization of coal mining in China has reached more than 75%, and there are 60 ten million ton coal mines. Recently, the state has issued a series of policies and opinions on promoting the healthy development of the coal industry. For example, the national development and Reform Commission issued several opinions on accelerating the merger and reorganization of coal mining enterprises, and the State Administration of work safety, the state coal regulatory bureau, the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the guiding opinions on promoting the mechanization of small coal mines. The introduction of the above national policies and the spirit of the national coal work conference have defined the overall goal of the healthy development of the coal industry during the 12th Five Year Plan. The new development situation of the coal industry has put forward higher and newer requirements for coal mine equipment, and has brought new development opportunities. The intensification of coal production requires the development of coal mine equipment in the direction of complete sets and high reliability; Safety production in the coal industry requires more automatic, intelligent and information-based coal mine equipment

the development trend of coal machinery equipment technology in the "12th Five Year Plan" is to adapt to the geological and production characteristics of China's coal mines, develop complete sets of coal machinery equipment with high reliability and intelligence, and constantly improve the production efficiency of coal mines; Establish and optimize standards, increase investment, overcome technical problems such as equipment stability and reliability, improve the technical performance of single machine, and meet the needs of equipment support, guidance and service for coal production; According to the requirements of informatization driving industrialization and industrialization promoting informatization, it can be directly or indirectly illuminated by the sun to improve the automation and informatization level, realize the visualization and remote monitoring of equipment, and gradually realize the full automation and digitization of production system. The key points of product innovation and development are as follows

(1) research and development of complete sets of equipment for coal seams less than 4.5m thick and medium thick

the coal reserves of coal seams with thickness below 4.5m and medium thickness account for 50% of the total reserves in China. It is of great significance to study complete sets of equipment for coal seams with thickness below 4.5m and medium thickness to improve the production capacity of mines. At present, it is necessary to study new methods and processes of rapid coal mining, as well as the mining technology and system supporting technology of super long working face, improve the technical level, automation level and production efficiency of existing mining equipment, promote the upgrading of coal machinery and equipment in China, and realize the efficient and automatic mining of medium thick coal seam working face, reaching an annual output of 10million tons

(2) research on complete equipment for thin coal seam. In China, the coal reserves of thin coal seams below 1.3m account for 20% of the total reserves. The research on complete sets of equipment for thin coal seams below 1.3m is of great significance to improve the resource recovery rate. At present, it is necessary to develop shearers, hydraulic supports, coal ploughs, etc. suitable for thin coal seams, form a comprehensive supporting capacity, improve production efficiency, and form a production capacity of 1.5 ~ 2 million T/a per unit area of the working face

(3) lifting equipment. It is necessary to develop super large deep mine hoisting equipment suitable for an annual output of 10million tons, improve and perfect the constant deceleration and constant torque hydraulic control system, and develop the variable frequency speed regulation device of large capacity hoisting motor; Improve the computer full digital monitoring automatic operation system

(4) development of coal roadway excavation anchor integrated combined unit. According to the development trend of foreign anchor digging units, and in combination with China's national conditions and the actual situation of coal mines, we should develop and develop a combined anchor digging equipment unit that integrates the functions of cutting, shipping, walking, bolt support, airborne, dust removal and so on, so as to greatly improve the tunneling speed

(5) development of complete equipment for efficient rock roadway excavation. About 1/3 of the tunneling roadways in China's state-owned key coal mines are rock roadways, and with the increasing depth of coal mining, rock roadway tunneling will be a key problem to be solved. At present, rock roadway tunneling mainly uses drilling and blasting method, and the monthly footage is only about 40m/month. It is necessary to develop a complete set of equipment for efficient rock roadway excavation

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(6) research on visualization and controllable system of main downhole equipment. Apply computer and communication technology to solve the problems of remote transmission and control of underground main equipment, realize the operation of underground main equipment visible on the well, and the main equipment controllable on the well, help technicians realize remote control, and put forward that we will pay more attention to original innovation and disruptive technological innovation, fault diagnosis, safe operation, etc., and improve the level of automation

(7) localization and automation of equipment in large and efficient coal preparation plants. In order to meet the requirements of coal washing and processing, a new flotation machine with a single processing capacity of 1000~2000m3/h should be developed, and its main parameters can be automatically controlled

develop, research and solve the centralized control and intelligent management technology and equipment of large coal preparation plants with a capacity of more than 3-4 million T/A, realize the detection of the main process parameters in the whole process of the coal preparation plant, realize the single machine automatic control of the main separation equipment such as jigs, flotation machines, heavy medium cyclones, filter presses and the comprehensive automatic control of the whole coal preparation plant

(8) research on localization of large outdoor equipment. The general trend of the development of domestic exposed sky mining technology is the large-scale mining, continuous production and modernization of equipment. The research and development of intelligent mines is the development direction of scientific and technological progress in open-pit mines, and mining technology is developing towards hydraulization, linkage and automation

(9) energy saving technology of main mechanical equipment in coal mines. Now the power of coal mine equipment is increasing. The capacity of main mechanical equipment in mines and coal preparation plants can be gradually improved, accounting for about 70% - 80% of the total power load of mines. CST Controllable technology can be used for underground shearers, ventilators, hoists and other equipment to improve energy efficiency and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. Improve the automatic operation level of main mechanical equipment in mines and coal preparation plants, improve the efficiency of mechanical operation, avoid no-load and light load operation of equipment, and achieve energy-saving effect. The main mechanical equipment of coal mines and coal preparation plants are equipped with energy-saving drive systems. Combined with the technological development of frequency conversion devices, this energy-saving device can give full play to the role of coal machinery equipment to achieve high efficiency and energy saving

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