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Analysis of the development trend of China's paint market in the first half of 2012

market demand: steady and rising

in recent years, the construction industry has had an increasing impact on China's national economy. Although the state has issued a series of purchase and loan restriction policies, it has also increased a large number of affordable housing. It is reported that in 2012, the total number of affordable housing starts in China was 7million, and the total number of affordable housing completed within the year was 4million. The massive construction of affordable housing will drive the growth of rigid demand in the entire paint market. The refined life trend of civilians will appear

affordable housing owners will be more rational when purchasing household building materials products, and their preferences will affect the development of the paint market in the future. The massive construction of indemnificatory housing will greatly change people's ideas. The purpose of house purchase has changed from investment or speculation to residence; The consumption concept has changed from pursuing famous products and famous brands to pursuing personality and taste. Especially the younger generation, whose knowledge and cultural level are relatively high, pay more attention to quality, environmental protection and style. The younger generation will become the main force in the consumption of household building materials products

the design of the main machine and auxiliary equipment of a coating market leader has drawn lessons from foreign advanced technology and believes that there is still a lot of room for development in the coating market in the next few years. What coating enterprises need to do is to segment the market and develop marketable coating products. The computer software system is mainly used for the beam movement of the experimental machine

profit model: multi category operation is an international common practice to create profit points

in recent years, water-based coatings and industrial coatings have maintained a market share of more than 65% in the coating market. However, affected by the energy crisis in some countries, the prices of raw materials such as chemicals are rising, affecting the output of coating enterprises. In order to reduce production costs, some enterprises began to look for new alternative raw materials

in the case of thinner profits and lower market share, a single product structure can no longer meet the needs of the market. Under the new situation, coating enterprises need to adjust the product structure, implement multi category management and increase profit points. For example, enterprises can use past experience to develop new products and take the road of overall home furnishing

business philosophy: "green" and "low carbon" become the dominant

with the improvement of people's living standards, green consumption has become the mainstream consumption concept. Affected by the "melamine tainted milk powder" and other events, consumers' attention to health has increased sharply. People began to advocate a "green" and "low-carbon" lifestyle. The formaldehyde content of paint products has always been a concern of consumers. From import to production of environmental friendly coatings will become the development trend of the coating industry

many coating enterprises begin to pay attention to the environmental protection performance of their products. They have constantly improved their production processes, introduced advanced production equipment, and produced many more environmentally friendly paint products. Based on the current consumption demand and trend analysis, water-based coatings and environmentally friendly green coatings can better meet the needs of consumers. It is greener and environmental friendly, attracting many consumers. Only by working hard on the environmental protection performance of products, can paint enterprises win more consumers' praise

product buying points: differentiated marketing creates highlights

affected by many factors, no paint product can meet the needs of all consumers at the same time

the first-line brands in the coating industry can only meet the needs of some consumers. These first-line coating enterprises have achieved success only after finding the target customer groups and developing products targeted. In today's fierce competition, enterprises need to carry out differentiated marketing in order to survive. Only by creating highlights for products and capturing their own part of consumers can enterprises grow from small to large and from weak to strong

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