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Halogen free flame-retardant cable materials replace ordinary plastic cable materials

at present, plastics have been widely used as coating materials for wires and cables, but most plastics are easy to burn and are non flame retardant materials. In order to achieve the goal of low smoke, low toxicity and flame retardant, many experts at home and abroad are committed to the development of halogen-free flame retardant cable materials

with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, many high-rise buildings, tunnels, subways, nuclear power stations and large ships will be built in large quantities. According to the information, they all require the use of halogen-free flame-retardant cables, and their market demand potential is great. It is reported that Shanghai Metro Line 1 has a high video frequency, and the reinforcement configuration at this position in the actual project should be strengthened. The investment of halogen-free flame retardant cable is 101.2 million marks

there are nearly 4000 wire and cable manufacturers in China. After tracking research, 15 large-scale cable factories in China, such as Shenyang cable factory, Shanghai Cable Factory, Shandong cable factory, have an average annual demand for halogen-free flame retardant cable materials of more than 300 tons. In particular, the national plan to build 8 nuclear power stations and 14 nuclear reactors before 2010, together with the expansion of other nuclear power stations and the construction of large-scale projects such as domestic subways, will require a large number of halogen-free flame retardant cable materials. It is expected that the domestic market demand will reach more than 15000 tons in 2010. In addition, with the development of halogen-free flame-retardant cable materials, some current halogen-containing flame-retardant cable materials will be gradually replaced

in a word, the harm caused by fire has prompted countries all over the world to put the flame retardant of wires and cables in an important position, and halogen-free flame retardant wires and cables are the key development direction of flame retardant wires and cables in the future, which are also suitable for rigid plastic plates. At present, although the development and application of halogen-free flame retardant cable material technology in China have achieved some results, there is still a large gap compared with foreign developed countries, and its development and production has broad application prospects

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