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Halstead launched a new type of microwave food cup cover

Halstead brand of RPC container manufacturing company in the UK recently designed and manufactured a packaging cup cover with a unique style, which is specially customized for the soup microwave oven food series of Heinz food plastic varieties that are not many companies (a famous multinational food company headquartered in the United States), To make up for the shortage of raw materials is not as urgent as before, so as to ensure the perfect quality of soup and the convenience of customers

rpc has designed this cup cover specifically for the fast pace of life of modern consumers. It is used for soup microwave oven food produced by Heinz, such as tomato thick soup, tomato dry soup, rice chicken soup of the cylindrical part around the diamond cone, mushroom soup, etc. this kind of food can be bought in supermarkets and other retail stores. Before cooking the soup, you first take off the cup cover, tear off the film packaging on the cup mouth, and then cover the cup cover for microwave heating

this cup cover package launched by RPC combines the characteristics of microwave heating and a convenient drinking mouth (see Figure). This packaging makes the soup not easy to leak out, ensuring the integrity of the product. At the same time, consumers can also easily open or cover it

RPC encountered a serious technical challenge in the manufacturing process of this cup cover - because each cup of soup is disinfected according to its own different ingredients, the physical shrinkage of the cup is different. RPC cooperates closely with Heinz and the manufacturer of the packaging cup, which ensures that the cup cover has good adaptability and can match the packaging of each soup

during casting, the cup cover is cast with a protruding Heinz sign and a section of safety instructions. In order to match Heinz's brand design, the cup cover has two types: red and milky white

"convenient and solid cup lid packaging plays a vital role in the success of soup microwave oven food in the market," commented Richard reichinger, a representative of Heinz food company. "The design of RPC fully meets our requirements for eating convenience."

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