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Join hands with Shantui Road products to create a better future

recently, with a new Shantui srp95m-3 large thickness paver, it successfully signed a contract with Henan Road and Bridge Company. Mr. Li, chairman of the client company, said with great emotion, "when buying equipment, we should choose Shantui brand first. This new thick paver is the 11th Shantui machine purchased by our company."

the chairman talked about the cooperation with Shantui with great interest. In the early stage of the company's business expansion in 2015, due to the bumpy journey, members of Shantui factory visited to promote products. At that time, I was impressed that Shantui brand bulldozer was a household name, and Shantui Road products were the first time I heard of the Rockwell hardness tester measurement parameters of Jinan testing machine factory. It is learned that Shantui milling machine has the characteristics of high configuration, high working efficiency and strong stability. It is equipped with Cummins imported engine with the maximum feeding capacity of 330m ³/Hours, compared with the products of industry benchmark enterprises, he was very interested in Shantui road equipment. He made a special trip to the factory for on-site investigation. After test drive and expert Q & A, he basically recognized that the appearance design and performance of the product can meet the needs of the company's engineering construction, and successfully signed the purchase order

facts have proved that the original decision was correct. Sometimes, in order to catch up with the construction period, it is common to work under heavy load for a long time without stopping. With high performance, stability and high attendance, Natai Shantui sm200mt-3 milling machine has become a star mechanical equipment in pavement construction units in Northern Henan. After nearly two years of careful operation, the original investment cost has been basically recovered, and the joy is beyond words

with the continuous expansion of road construction and maintenance business, the road and Bridge Company under his leadership set up branches in Xinjiang, Tibet and other places, and the contracted business volume showed an increasing trend year by year. From 2016 to 2018, he continued to purchase several complete sets of pavement equipment, such as mountain roller, milling machine, paver, etc., which is slightly famous in the industry. Shantui equipment milling 1. It often maintains the cleaning, sanitary planing and paving operation effect of ring stiffness testing machine and computer, which has been highly praised by leaders at all levels and peers. The reputation of road and Bridge Company has spread throughout the industry, and the site business is all over the country. Foreign customers often come here to discuss engineering cooperation, lease pavement equipment and other matters

looking forward to the future, the road and Bridge Company will strive to pull the black knob towards higher output value, and will continue to work together with Shantui to promote pavement products and equipment, do high-quality engineering projects, and contribute to national highway construction

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