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Comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of automobile lighting schemes such as halogen lamp/xenon lamp/led lamp/laser lamp

in order to meet the 24-hour driving demand and driving safety since the beginning of the automobile, automobile headlights have become an unavoidable problem in the design and development of major automobile manufacturers. Automobile headlights have gradually evolved from additional products of the overall design of the automobile to the embodiment of automobile design elements, which can express the emotional design of the automobile, Is it cute or cold or serious. But the most important thing about headlights is their functionality. All major car manufacturers have their own housekeeping skills, including matrix laser headlights, cold light lamps, etc., and the halogen lamps we are most familiar with are diligent. Now let's talk about various lighting schemes of cars. Are they really as perfect as the propaganda says

is car exterior lighting just a bulb

most people think of automotive lighting as a bulb. Of course, its light source is equivalent to a bulb, but today's automotive lighting is not just as simple as a bulb. It can have a variety of functions, such as turning with speed lighting, driving language, and atmosphere building. Its light source has also undergone earth shaking changes, from the kerosene lamp invented by cars at the beginning, to halogen lamp, and then to hernia headlamp, Finally, the latest LED headlights, laser headlights and so on. The corresponding structure is also becoming simpler and easier to maintain, which is more in line with the requirements of modern vehicles. Strictly speaking, the automobile exterior lighting scheme includes light source, internal filling, internal auxiliary devices, and some required electronic devices such as voltage regulators. Now there are many lighting schemes on the market, so waste plastic particle treatment will become a hot driver in the future, including halogen 1, which was used decades ago Is it just because of the cost to raise the broach to the top headlamp? Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of various mainstream schemes

"grow old" - halogen lamp

halogen lamp is a variant of incandescent lamp. Its principle is basically the same, but it reacts with halogen through the sublimation of tungsten wire, which can form a natural equilibrium reaction between the sublimation and condensation of tungsten metal, and can effectively avoid the fracture of tungsten wire. Therefore, the service life of halogen lamps is longer than that of incandescent lamps, which is also the advantage of halogen lamps. The transformation of automotive exterior lighting from incandescent lamps to halogen lamps has opened the beginning of the dominance of halogen headlights. However, with the development of modern cars, halogen lamps have gradually become less complex and timely. Their shortcomings include low brightness, high energy consumption, and driving fatigue that is prone to lighting. Of course, one of the more prominent natural advantages of halogen lamps can't be ignored, that is, the light emitted by halogen lamps can penetrate rain and fog better, and the lighting effect is better. If there is haze weather in your home, it's better to consider halogen lamps that are cheap and easy to use

"remember the lens" - HID xenon headlights

hid xenon headlights are usually called rogue lights by old drivers. They are headlight killers on the highway, blinding people on the opposite side every minute, causing serious traffic accidents. But here I want to correct its name. This is because the hernia headlamp has the advantage of high brightness, so it should be widely used in cars. Why is its reputation so bad? The reason is that some refitted car owners did not add a lens when refitting the hernia headlamp in order to pursue the cool effect, resulting in the phenomenon of blinding the driver every minute. So if your car was originally a halogen lamp and wanted to upgrade the headlamp, Hernia headlights are your best choice, but please remember to add lenses

"coming from behind" - LED lamps

led headlights can definitely be regarded as a typical example of coming from behind. In 2011, the EU enforced the use of LED daytime running lights. Within two years, the advantages of LED lighting have become more familiar to people, and people have gradually invested more energy in the development of automotive LED lighting technology. Among them, Audi, the "lamp factory", first used LED headlights on its own Audi A6 model. It has the characteristics of wide color gamut, low energy consumption, and small size, and can be shaped at will. It is deeply loved by automotive designers, and it often exists as a bonus item in automotive sales. But a huge problem of LED is the high cost, and as a lamp group, it cannot be replaced alone. If you are a shape technology controller, the LED headlamp is definitely your dish

"representing the future" - Laser headlights

laser headlights use laser diodes to illuminate the internal auxiliary components for astigmatism. Its light-emitting principle is the same as that of LED. Its advantage is that its light is brighter and even reaches the level of hernia headlights, but it is not dazzling. BMW is the first water tester of laser headlights, but now one of the problems we face is that it depends on how you control and use these features. There is no place to repair. There is no repair part. If your headlights are broken, there is no way to fix them within two months, so please think twice

the future has come, and he is there

nowadays, the lighting technology in the market is blooming. As consumers, we must first understand what kind of car is suitable for us, and we don't have to blindly pursue any new technology. On the contrary, some new technologies are not necessarily superior to the old technology in terms of maintenance cost. But the future is still bright. The future has come. Whether you buy it or not, it's there. That's the future

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