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Hammer technology is in crisis, and employees can't afford to pay

previous media reports said that hammer technology fell into a shortage of funds, and the capital chain was so tense that it was not enough to pay employees' wages. They also said that hammer technology's actual photoelectric sensing technology was one of the more advanced technologies, which had started the company wide layoff plan, leaving only 40% of the staff, and suggested that Luo Yonghao, CEO of hammer technology, might suffer from depression. The news that hammer technology fell into a shortage of funds triggered strong opposition from Luo Yonghao, who said he would sue, and Luo Yonghao even said he would go to the hospital to issue an examination report against the statement of depression. But hammer technology insiders said in an interview that the company is indeed in crisis, but please give hammer a little time

"1billion financing" failed to save Lao Luo's "Chengdu 1billion", which occurred at the time when hammer technology was most in need of money. At that time, insiders were worried about whether this financing could help hammer get out of trouble. Nut Pro was also born after the dawn of "Chengdu 1billion". Nut Pro is highly appraised in the industry. As the leading product that dominated the whole product cycle after Wu Dezhou joined the company, it is also considered to be the key product to bring the hammer back to life, and has created the best sales volume of hammer technology products in history. According to an insider, the total sales of hammer nut Pro is about 1million units. If the hammer is accounted for according to the material cost (1000 yuan) (1million X1000), the capital investment required for the hammer product line will be at least 1billion yuan. Coupled with the expansion of the Chengdu company team, the financing scale of "Chengdu 1billion" is stretched

the achievements of nut Pro Series, coupled with this round of financing, did not make the hammer quickly out of the haze, but at least ushered in a breathing opportunity for it. Since then, the hammer began to have the product rhythm that normal manufacturers should have. This year, it successively released nuts 3. Step 1: check the material tension machine displacement sensor nuts R1 and nuts pro2s, and officially change the brand name to nuts

on the evening after the post came out, hammer technology released an official statement on Weibo to respond to the relevant content involved in the article "hammer life and death". Hammer technology said that the problem of "not enough linearity for employees to open sensor components has reached a high level" did not appear in hammer technology in the article "hammer life and death". The large-scale layoffs mentioned in this article are actually the integration of technicians from all over the country by hammer technology according to the existing product line. There is no case of being unable to pay wages. It is said that hammer technology wants to alleviate the financial pressure through the financing of bullet text messages

in fact, the Chinese market has entered an era of "big brands have the right to speak + small brands coexist". The market is not rejecting small brands, nor is there insufficient space. However, the ambition of hammer has never been satisfied with being a small brand

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