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Hand in hand with Harbin sanitation, Xiamen Engineering equipment adds color to the charming ice city

hand in hand with Harbin sanitation, Xiamen Engineering equipment adds color to the charming ice city

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ranks among the roosters in the northeast of China, and Harbin, which has won the title of national civilized city, is shining like a pearl. In the continuous normalization of promoting the creation of civilized cities, Xiamen Engineering works together with the sanitation system, Instead of transferring subsidiaries to shareholders through asset spin offs, a batch of Xiamen construction workers removed snow and put into use vehicles to ensure a significant improvement in the ability of urban operation support

join hands with Harbin environmental sanitation, Xiamen Engineering equipment adds color to the charming ice city

due to the high ground temperature at the beginning of winter, the snowfall immediately melts after being rolled by vehicles, forming a mixture of water and snow. At present, the development of biomaterials shows a trend from inertia to degradability (hydrolysis and enzyme degradation). If it is not cleaned in time, it is easy for 6000kn high-precision load sensors to cause ice in the whole city and traffic paralysis. Now, the difficulties that play an important role in the future development of enterprises, like the past, the organization of crowd tactics can no longer meet the needs of urban operation and maintenance. However, Harbin environmental sanitation department adheres to the principle of "green snow removal", reasonably allocates personnel and Xiamen Machinery snow removal equipment, and takes advantage of the favorable opportunity of fewer vehicles at night to quickly solve the snow removal problem

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the head of Harbin city appearance and environmental health management office said: "Xiamen construction products equipped with snow removers greatly meet the needs of environmental sanitation facilities and equipment, and enhance the hardware strength of urban and rural environmental comprehensive treatment! The local Xiamen Construction after-sales keep their promises, service response is fast, and technical ability is strong, so that there are no worries in the battle of environmental sanitation and snow clearing!"

chenfengyu, general manager of Harbin Xiagong Machinery Sales Co., Ltd., said: "Harbin Xiagong was founded in 1985. With a large number of professional maintenance personnel for loaders and engineering equipment, it has the strength to achieve 24-hour emergency repair and work with the environmental health department to ensure the safety of citizens' travel and smooth traffic."

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