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Analysis on the future development trend and the best way out of packaging enterprises

the packaging industry has a prominent feature different from other industries. It does not have its own finalized products. Enterprises in the packaging industry are different from those facing the consumer market. They have finalized products for consumption to sell; It is also different from the upstream suppliers of an industrial chain, which can sell finalized spare parts products to downstream enterprises. The users of packaging enterprises are neither consumers nor enterprises in a specific industrial chain, but manufacturers from all walks of life who produce a variety of products and have strange needs for packaging (that is, packaging users). The diversity of products that these packaging users need to package is even greater than the diversity of goods sold in any supermarket. It is impossible for packaging suppliers to package different products for different packaging users with one or several finalized products. Therefore, the packaging industry is a supporting industry for all industries, or an industry with the weakest autonomy

in fact, for the packaging of each product of the packaging user, as its packaging supplier, it is equivalent to undertaking a project. Packaging suppliers first need to master the shape, size, weight, brittleness value, storage and transportation requirements, distribution links and sales objects of this product, then design the structure, materials and production process of packaging, and then arrange the production and distribution of packaging according to the production pace of packaging users' products. It is conceivable that a product that provides a good packaging user is so complex that the packaging of multiple industries, multiple packaging users, and multiple products is gathered into an enterprise in the packaging industry, and such a complex demand is gathered into more than one packaging industry that is only classified by frequency. Which industry can be more complex than the packaging industry

however, such complex packaging needs are not a matter of great concern to packaging users. As packaging users, manufacturing enterprises in all walks of life will focus on the products they produce, but they know little about packaging knowledge. Packaging management is marginalized in the packaging user industry. Among small and medium-sized packaging user enterprises, there are no specialized personnel engaged in packaging management at all. Even if large packaging user enterprises have special packaging engineering departments, they are also a department that is not valued. There is no finalized product in the packaging industry, and there is no identified downstream industry. The packaging of multiple industries and products requires a full set of solutions with high personalization and complexity. Packaging users need packaging suppliers to provide in-depth support services for their products and the whole process of packaging, storage, transportation, distribution and sales

packaging and packaged goods are one-to-one, personalized, customized and project-based production methods. The first order is a project from the beginning of design. The concept of overall packaging solution promotes the design from structural design and graphic design to comprehensive cost design and packaging problem solutions. Packaging users have a lot of problems to solve due to lack of relevant packaging expertise. Therefore, the packaging industry can no longer be simply classified as manufacturing industry, but should be transformed into a dual attribute of both service industry and manufacturing industry. Moreover, the manufacturing is simple and the service is complex, and the service awareness should be paid attention to in the packaging enterprises

let packaging become a brand

economic development is based on having many world famous brand products. Many enterprise managers in China still lack brand awareness, blindly produce and repeatedly build. In the era of brand consumption, whether an enterprise can cultivate its own brand and create a well-known brand will determine the core competitiveness of an enterprise in the market. Brand is the embodiment of the core value of a product or enterprise. The goal of an enterprise is not only to sell goods to target consumers or users, but also to make users feel good about goods through use, so as to repeat purchases and form brand loyalty

up to now, the functions and concepts of packaging have changed. In addition to the hard functions of protecting products, facilitating transportation and use, and promoting sales, packaging also shows the soft functions of shaping brand image, product image, and even developing enterprise image. Facing the increasingly fierce market competition, in order to improve market share, win the favor of consumers and get social recognition, enterprises can not achieve these only through the traditional product packaging function. Because in addition to paying attention to product packaging and quality, consumers increasingly trust the products of enterprises with high brand, good reputation and good image

Tetra Pak is the most successful packaging brand. Tetra Pak advocates providing a full range of services for packaging user enterprises, including a full set of integrated processing, filling and distribution production lines and independent equipment, which can help users shorten the initial commissioning time, and provide staff operation training for the whole processing and filling line. After the start of production, Tetra Pak also provided maintenance services for the production line. These are not Tetra Pak's most attractive services. Formulating distribution plans, providing marketing support and packaging design are Tetra Pak's trump cards for success

Tetra Pak has become a versatile company that can provide comprehensive processing equipment, packaging and distribution production lines, as well as design solutions for liquid food production plants, from providing packaging for liquid milk, which means that Tetra Pak customers can get their own production solutions and supporting equipment for a variety of products through Tetra Pak. Tetra Pak also protects retailers' profits by providing efficient packaging and distribution solutions. Tetra Pak provides a full range of packaging solutions for the field of food processing and packaging, which makes users' new packaging strategically expand their own product line, and also brings value-added services to customers

Tetra Pak's concept of protecting quality not only runs through suppliers, customers and distributors, but also extends it to consumers. General packaging enterprises only put targeted advertisements on packaging magazines or stations, but rarely on the mass media. Tetra Pak, however, uses reverse thinking to put advertisements on the mass media to instill the user end consumers of packaging users with the concept of Li3. Then turn the hand wheel to let consumers recognize that Tetra Pak's processing and packaging protect the nutritional value and original taste of food. The milk packaged with Tetra Pak is good quality milk. Nowadays, Tetra Pak pillows, Tetra Pak bricks and other products have been regarded by consumers as the guarantee of drink safety and nutrition, which has prompted more dairy manufacturers to choose Tetra Pak packaging to meet consumers' requirements for milk quality, and also made Tetra Pak a well-known packaging brand. Compared with domestic large packaging manufacturers, it is enough to rank among the best in the world in terms of production capacity and technology, but due to the lack of brand awareness, it has failed to create a brand widely recognized by consumers. It is far from enough to have a certain good reputation in the packaging industry

let thinking and design come first

after careful market research, the marketing analysis experts of DuPont, a world-renowned chemical enterprise, put forward the famous DuPont law, that is, 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the packaging of goods. Taking supermarket purchases as an example, people are attracted by exquisite packaging, and the number of goods purchased usually exceeds 45% of the original plan. It can be seen that the first impression of packaging as a commodity will be the most direct and powerful projection to consumers, affecting the psychological Libra in the purchase process

in the traditional 4P concept of terminal marketing, product selection, pricing strategy, sales channel and promotion can be said to be indispensable and complementary. Now, terminal marketing theory has ushered in the fifth p-package, and the importance of packaging design has become increasingly apparent

however, with the deepening of industrialization and the highlighting of people's diversified needs, the original unified and uniform market has gradually disappeared, and various markets coexist at the same time, making the product packaging problem increasingly complex. In the past, the packaging design mode that only paid attention to plane visual communication has been difficult to meet the needs of modern and complex post industrialized society. In this situation, it is more necessary to provide the overall service of the design chain with design integration as the core and comprehensive consideration of development and design, procurement, production, logistics, sales, service, recycling and other links

to take these factors into account in packaging design, packaging enterprises need not only to make simple industrial product packaging according to the requirements of packaging users, but also to conduct research on the preferences of end consumers. Consumers' preferences determine the specifications of products, thus determining the style of packaging. Only by grasping the psychology of consumers, catering to their preferences, meeting their needs, and stimulating and guiding the emotions of those whose consumption is higher than that of developed countries (6 ⑴ 6%), can commodity sales packaging stand out and win the fierce business war. Let packaging users become competitive enterprises in their own industry, then packaging enterprises will also grow into enterprises that provide the most intimate services, and their own advantages are self-evident

let resources be re integrated

packaging users are not indiscriminate market resources, but packaging suppliers must invest major efforts in studying the object of services. In the realization of integrated services, packaging design requires enterprises to integrate and optimize their various resources, such as enterprise resources, design resources, production resources, etc. Packaging enterprises must improve their initiative to achieve

packaging enterprises need to understand the packaging use process and packaging management process of different packaging users. They should not only carefully and comprehensively understand the product parameters of packaging users, production, packaging, storage and transportation, and sales process parameters, but also design safe and appropriate packaging schemes for packaging users, and even participate in the product research and development of packaging users, taking packaging as an organic part of packaging users' products, Included in the product development process. We should not only provide qualified packaging materials for packaging users, but also design a series of packaging related operation modes for packaging users, such as packaging operation mode, storage and stacking mode, transportation and loading and unloading mode. We should not only consider the cost of packaging materials for packaging users, but also comprehensively design the use cost of the whole process of packaging, and pay attention to the comprehensive cost of packaging such as transportation damage and sales impact. We should not only design the best packaging solution for packaging users, but also establish a supply chain management system that can respond to packaging users in real time. In general, packaging enterprises are to provide a full range of packaging solutions for packaging users, that is, the in-depth support services of integrating industry resources

elevate R & D affairs to the height of senior management of packaging enterprises with reduced volume and warehouse, and examine R & D work from the perspective of customers. This means that we should adopt a cross cutting way of thinking to sense the market, deeply understand and constantly meet the needs of users. It is not enough for packaging enterprises to ask customers what they need. It is necessary to be a detector or sensor of the market and have a first-hand perception of the market. Only in this way can we anticipate the needs of the market and know these trends well before customers put forward requirements. Packaging enterprises need to focus on serving customers. With the business philosophy of growing together with customers, adopting the mode of comprehensively and deeply integrating all resources to serve customers will be the future development trend of packaging enterprises

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