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A finger can change the color of the window. Car glass hides a lot of black technology

recently, Honda developed a window that can change color with a finger and submitted a patent application. The advantages of this color changing window are obvious. It can not only replace the sunshade of the windshield, but also be used for side windows, eliminating the bulky shutter and the motor that needs to start the shutter. If you feel the sun is shining, just point at the window glass with your fingers. When buying a car, few people may pay attention to car glass. In fact, there are many dark technologies hidden in car glass now that you can't think of. According to the market, most of these automotive glasses with black technology are expensive, ranging from about 1000 yuan for cheap ones to 6000-7000 yuan for expensive ones

the cheapest rain sensing glass costs 1000 yuan

sudden rain in the middle of driving can easily affect your vision. In order to improve this situation, more and more car glasses have rain sensing function

"nowadays, automobile glass has more and more functions, but this kind of black technology is generally available only in the original glass, so the price is relatively high." GB 11945 ⑴ 999 manager Zhang of an automobile beauty shop on Canghai Road said

for example, glass with rain sensing function is introduced. The cheapest one is about 1000 yuan, and the slightly better one is 2000 yuan

Zhang Jingli explained the working principle of the automatic wiper: the sensor of the automatic wiper adjusts the action speed of the wiper steplessly according to the amount of rain falling on the glass. The rain sensor is hidden behind the front windshield, and uses the scattering phenomenon of light in the glass and raindrops to judge the amount of rain on the glass through the intensity of light reflection. When the glass surface is dry, almost 100% of the light is reflected back, and the photoelectric diode responsible for sending far infrared rays can receive a lot of reflected light. The more rain on the glass, the less light is reflected, and the result is that the wiper moves faster

there is also a kind of hydrophobic glass. This kind of glass is coated with organic fluorine resin on the outer surface of the front windshield. When the vehicle is running at a speed of 50 to 60 kilometers this March, when considering the social trends, the raindrops on the glass surface will splash out when driving at a speed of 17 March this year. At this time, it can maintain good visibility even without using a wiper

the thin lines on the glass are actually wires

I don't know if the car owners have noticed that there are many thin lines on the rear windshield of the vehicle. Do you think this is just a simple decoration? Of course not, this is also a black technology

according to manager Zhang, these lines are actually metal wires, which are used to automatically heat glass with strong anti-interference ability. Wire only 0. 02 mm to 0. 04mm thick, thinner than human hair. 400 to 500 such heated metal wires made of tungsten wires are sewn on a thin plastic film at a distance of 2-3 mm, and finally the film will be pasted between the glass layers. When it is cold in winter or rainy, the temperature difference inside and outside the car is large, and a thin layer of fog or frost will appear on the rear glass. The driver cannot observe the situation behind through the rearview mirror, especially when reversing, which is more dangerous. At this time, this heating function is particularly considerate

night vision glass is generally available only in luxury cars

now some luxury car glasses even have night vision functions, such as Mercedes Benz S-class, BMW 7 series, etc. It uses far-infrared technology to make the darkness like day, so the driver can see more clearly and further in the dark. At night, the instrument panel will become the display screen of the night vision system, and the position of the screen is in front of the driver, which is very convenient to observe. When the infrared detector detects a pedestrian on the roadside in front, it will display a yellow sign to remind the driver to pay attention to safe driving

manager Zhang said that this kind of glass is generally available only for luxury cars. For example, a piece of glass for Porsche costs 6000 yuan to 7000 yuan, while Mercedes Benz S-class glass with night vision function costs more than 5000 yuan, and orders must be placed in advance

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