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Art?flourishes when there is creativity and expression in a person. Led by 3?professional artists?(Arji Manuelpillai,?Shermaine Slocombe?and?Pragya Kumar),?project?Saakshaat?helped?me?and many others?define?our?Southeast Asian identity, and express?it through poetry,?movement?and visual arts.?

The three-day program for Southeast?Asians?helped children from 8-17 embrace their culture and identity.?Tania, a?participant says,?“It was so fun meeting others my age and?celebrating our culture,23,287 deaths).*The total case count includes 13 confirmed cases among repatriated travellers.?they?felt?like?family,motor_vehicle_theft?and we were all connected.”restrictions are lifted and can return to usual.?We started the program by discussing the origin of our?names and?expressing?them through movement, with Shermaine. Arji guided us through poetry, where we looked at themes of identity and culture.??

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