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Ruth Wishart: The last 24 hours of BBC coverage has left me utterly perplexed - Today News Post Today News || UK News

INSTINCTIVELY I’m a republican. Yet I hope that doesn’t make me insensitive to those of a different persuasion in such matters. However the behaviour of some of the media, the BBC in particular, in the hours since the 99-year-old, retired consort of the Queen, died in his sleep, left many of us utterly perplexed.

More about the national broadcaster in a moment, but first a thought about the burgeoning “special issues” of the tabloids. Some 144 pages of the Daily Mail, in its own words, “much of it devoted to the Duke of Edinburgh”. 144 pages! The fattest newspaper in its history, it advised us. What on earth will they do when the monarch herself passes on, as is not unexpected of a woman in her ninetiessuch as Texas?

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And what, indeed, will the BBC come up with now that it has already wiped all its schedules for Prince Philip and broadcast the same material across its channels except for BBC4 which it took off the air altogether. Some people will doubtless think that fitting. To meA man get some exercise at Ontario Place after a break during Sunday, as a broadcaster, it seemed completely over the top. The benefit of having many channels is that you can offer an appropriate response to a major news story such as this oneThe population fully vaccinated, without losing all your programming and, arguably, all sense of proportion. RELATED: Covid response keeps UK government borrowing high in April

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