A dark horse in British Shihao wallpaper industry

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In the winter of 2016, our British Shihao wallpapers are vigorously carrying out our joining project, from day to night, from sunrise to sunset, from here to there, just to bring this forward-looking project to you

in the British Shihao platform, we provide the most professional wallpaper services and the most intimate installation services, so that consumers can buy at ease and use comfortably. We have a complete business model and guarantee experience to deliver the most sincere services to every participant

hundreds of physical franchise stores have been established nationwide, distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other parts of the country. In 2014, the e-commerce platform was established, which opened the online and offline sales mode, and perfectly combined the entity franchise with the e-commerce project port. With 11 production bases and perfect pre-sales and after-sales services, it is committed to building the first chain brand in China's wallpaper industry. Relying on the strong brand effect, exquisite workmanship, construction technology and meticulous service, it is creating a legendary brand in the wallpaper industry

here, there are professional designers to match your room, abandon flashiness, leave a clear and pure retro, let you leave your feet to think about life, and use comfortable wallpaper to give you more unobstructed and daydream space, fresh and agile, to create a comfortable room. A flower, a grass, a quiet room, and a wallpaper is a spring. How comfortable and refreshing it is for you to live a happy life in such a spring. Such an imagined spring is not far away. British Shihao is ready, and you? are you ready?

British Shihao is all over the country, providing the most professional wallpaper service and enthusiastic recommendation for you

British Shihao has a wide range of wallpaper products, which are available for you to choose

British Shihao is clearly priced, and it is the most practical decoration for people's homes, which saves money and worry for you

national franchise service hotline: 400-060-5360





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