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Some consumers may be facing the problem of whether to decorate in winter. Home decoration companies say that rigorous construction technology can ensure that there are no major problems after winter construction. Therefore, there are not a few consumers who start decoration. Mr. Shi's family took the new house in mid November, and the decoration began at the end of November. The temperature has plummeted this year. Facing the embarrassing situation of winter construction, Mr. Shi has many concerns

every season has different details in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The overall steps are the same. Due to the low temperature in winter, especially in the northern region, the decoration works slowly and the construction period is longer, while the south is shorter than the north. One of the most important preconditions for winter construction is that the indoor temperature should always be kept at 5 degrees above zero, otherwise the construction quality will be greatly affected

1. Wood: oil sealing treatment to prevent wind cracking

the purchased materials should not be stored in the open air. After the materials are transported to the construction site, a layer of clear oil should be brushed on the surface, also known as oil sealing treatment, to prevent wind cracking and deformation. After the decorative panel is transported to the site, it should be wiped off the floating dust with a dry towel, painted with varnish for two consecutive times, and all decorative panels should be placed flat. A joinery board should be placed at the bottom of the decorative panel, and a joinery board should be pressed on the top of the panel, so that the plate can be kept flat. Never put the panel vertically, which will cause cracking and warping of the panel

2. Putty: pay attention to the time and range of opening windows

If putty is applied or wallpaper is pasted on the wall and ceiling, it should be dried naturally in the shade. Do not open doors and windows widely to prevent rapid water loss from affecting the construction and deformation. The time of opening windows for ventilation is also exquisite: it is best to choose between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. during this period, the temperature is relatively higher, which can prevent the newly applied putty from freezing. The correct way to apply putty is: apply putty for the second time after the first time is completely dry; After the putty for the second time is completely dry, polish it carefully with sandpaper. It is best to paste cloth on sand and ash walls and thermal insulation walls, and directly apply putty on the cloth until it is completely dry, and then polish it with sandpaper. If there are large holes or depressions in the wall, it is best to use gypsum powder and latex to mix and flatten the wall. When there are large cracks in the wall, the cracks should be pasted with kraft paper and then puttying. When the area is large, it is best to paste cloth and then puttying, so as to prevent the wall from being flat and cracking

3. Paint: the construction ambient temperature is the most important

painters should strictly follow the temperature in the product description when spraying various paints. Generally, the ambient temperature for coating application should not be lower than 5 ℃; Among them, the commonly used mixed color coating shall be applied at an ambient temperature of more than 0 ℃, while the ambient temperature of varnish application shall not be less than 8 ℃. Pay more attention to the work of oil workers “ Keep warm, and open the doors and windows for ventilation after being fully dry

4. Auxiliary materials: the mortar should not contain ice, and the cement should not be in the open air.

the sand used in the construction should be carefully screened and should not contain ice. When mixing mortar, the temperature of water shall not exceed 80 ℃. If cement is required for decoration, it is best not to construct in the open air, and the construction site should also pay attention to thermal insulation

5. External windows: the cement mortar should be blocked tightly, and the sealant strip should not be too tight

the installation of plastic steel windows has also become a common project of decoration. First of all, the replacement of external windows must be firmly fixed. Even if it is slightly inclined, the sliding and opening of windows in the future will also be a problem, and rainwater will seep in in the rainy season. Secondly, the cement mortar around the closed outer window must be blocked tightly, otherwise in the coldest winter, when the northwest wind blows, the temperature of the warmer house will also drop. Thirdly, the sealant strip of plastic steel window should not be sealed too tightly. The rubber sealing strip used for plastic steel windows has thermal expansion and cold contraction, which will be tightened to a certain extent during installation in winter, and will expand after heating in hot summer

6. Fire prevention: the construction site should be equipped with fire extinguishers

attention must be paid to winter decoration. Fire cannot be used on the construction site. Electric heating equipment, cooking gas pipes, waterproof blowtores, etc. should be used carefully, and fire extinguishers must be placed on the site at the same time

7. Pollution: Paints and adhesives release formaldehyde, benzene and other substances

the weather is cold in winter. During construction, workers are used to closing doors and windows tightly, which is very likely to cause indoor air pollution and poisoning. In particular, when painting the waterproof layer during the decoration process, using rubber products, paving the floor, and painting, there will be a large number of formaldehyde and benzene substances harmful to human body in the air. These substances can only be volatilized by opening windows for ventilation, otherwise they will be deposited in the indoor air, and the concentration will become larger and larger. Therefore, it is not only necessary to open windows for ventilation during the decoration process, but also pay attention to opening windows for ventilation after the decoration. It is best to carry out normal use about two months after the completion of the project





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