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On April 2, the "2013 Huadu building materials direct supply conference" was grandly held in Huadu Huaju Grand Hyatt Hotel. The event attracted the participation of more than 10 most influential building materials brands and home furnishing brands in Huadu District, such as Yama King wooden door, AIA integrated ceiling, Mak wardrobe, farnsa bathroom, etc

before the start of the event, the yama King wooden gate booth was already surrounded by the owners who came to consult. Many owners have long heard of King Yama. This time, I came specially to win a preferential price. In the bargaining session, all brands take turns to show their products and bargain. When the representatives of Yama King wooden door manufacturers came to the stage to accept the bargain, they not only made a promise to make profits on site, but also made a promise to provide service, which solved the two problems of price and after-sales service that citizens were worried about in one fell swoop. Under the repeated offensives of the bargainers and the support of the on-site owners, the product prices have fallen again and again, and the yama King manufacturer finally gave a freezing discount price

once the product discount of Yama King wooden door awesome is given, the atmosphere of the scene will instantly reach a climax. Ms. Zhang, who was busy placing orders, said, "I ordered a total of five building materials brand products. For example, I bought three sets of Yama King wooden doors this time. Compared with the price, it is indeed much cheaper than the outside. I plan to buy it at this bargain." As the products of various brands have been cut to the bottom price, the warm atmosphere at the scene is also rising from wave to wave. There is also a long queue at the cashier. This factory direct selling price cutting meeting, the manufacturer has fulfilled the promise of the lowest price throughout the year, and consumers have also experienced the happy shopping of one-stop shopping, which saves money, time and worry





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