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In home decoration, many owners are tangled with the problem of wiring during the transformation of water and electricity. The horizontal and vertical wiring mode has high aesthetics and is relatively easy to maintain; Point to point straight lines can reduce corners and save materials. Which of these two ways is right? ◆ horizontal and vertical I. advantages

1. The construction site is clean and beautiful, which is conducive to the protection of wire pipes

2. Horizontal and vertical is a language that wires are written on the wall. In the later stage, the master who installs smoke extractors, air conditioners, ceilings, etc. in your home will locate and punch holes on the wall according to the principle of horizontal and vertical, so as to avoid damaging the pipeline to the greatest extent

3. In order to be safe and professional, it is convenient to record the location of the line horizontally and vertically, to facilitate troubleshooting and maintenance in case of problems (in fact, if the whole decoration construction specification is adopted, there will be no problems in decades), and to avoid the line when nails are needed to fix something in some places

4. It is convenient for subsequent construction, and it is easy to avoid the line pipe by punching and nailing on the wall; The most important thing is to facilitate later maintenance. The line direction can be judged through the socket node, which is more convenient

5. If floor heating is to be installed, the ground pipelines are not laid horizontally and vertically, and the insulation board needs to be cut into various small pieces, which is not conducive to the later insulation

6. Horizontal and vertical are also for the sake of beauty and flatness when installing the switch panel in the later stage, and will not be staggered. The panel is installed on the bottom box. Only when the bottom box is installed squarely, the panel can be squared

7. The national standard requires horizontal and vertical, but the original words detailed in the following paragraph are: the open line layout requires horizontal and rigid, and more than two bends must be equipped with a junction box; Dark line pipe laying requires that the distance between two points should be straight and the distance between two points should be minimized

II. Disadvantages

1. A large number of pipelines are required, which costs more

2. Single wire tube &le in circuit wiring; 90° Cannot have more than three corners, when ≤ 90° When there are more than three corners, it will be difficult to pull a single wire out of the conduit when replacing the wire in the future, which is easy to cause wire breakage. If the wiring design is unreasonable, it is easy to turn too much, it is not easy to pull and change wires, and a large number of 90 DEG are produced horizontally and vertically; Corner. ◆ two points are straight. Advantages

1. It is not easy to cause dead lines. It is convenient to pull lines and replace lines

2. The straight line between two points is the shortest. Using two-point one-line wiring can save materials, costs and waste

3. It has slight advantages in weak current wiring, such as network cable, video cable and speaker cable. The longer the line, the worse the signal and the more serious the interference. Point-to-point wiring can minimize the signal loss

4. Generally, there are only two 90 degree bends, which is relatively easy to pull wires





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