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This is for you who have been with corona for 7 years

corona brand was founded in 2012. In October 2012, the first corona store was born in Jiangsu Province

time passes like a fleeting flash of time, but Loya brand has entered its seventh year in its pursuit of excellent quality

7 years, from a new brand to today's leading brand of domestic high-end wall coverings, kroya has completed a magnificent turn

7 is also a wonderful number

in western culture, 7 is a lucky number, which is called lucky7

there are 7 days in a week; There are big dipper 7 stars in the sky; There are seven continents on the earth; There are seven quatrains in literature; There are 7 Notes in music; There are seven colors in the spectrum...

remove 7 with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively, and the number obtained will be endless

in the seventh year of koloya, we returned to Jiangsu, back to the origin, and sat down to chat

on October 23, the corona special training camp and the 7th anniversary brand linkage activity Jiangsu Station - "Thanksgiving benefits come as soon as 7" was launched at Sheraton Yangzhou hotel

nearly 100 koloya families in Jiangsu province gathered here to participate in the "special training on selling champions"

the training course began on the afternoon of the 23rd. Jiangsu keroya family are thirsty for knowledge of key points and difficulties in class. The response to the teacher's questions was enthusiastic, and the spontaneous questions were also very enthusiastic, as if back to the student era

this is because everyone deeply understands that only by understanding more can we do better

in this special training, the lecturers specially hired by kroya are also outstanding in various fields of knowledge. They explain from shallow to deep, from point to surface, with both the knowledge reserve of preaching and teaching, and the classroom skills of silence from time to time

the activity arrangement of combining teaching with League building, and the alternating cooperation of intelligence and physical strength, made the students very happy

at the end of the first day of training, it was late at night on the 23rd, and on the morning of the 24th, they appeared in the class on the next day in good spirits. Such "dedication" and studiousness are really admirable

a two-day and one night special training camp for corona merchandising, covering sales skills, soft clothing collocation, product interpretation and other industry expertise. The distinguished lecturers' professional explanations are practical and pay attention to operability

I believe that through these two days and one night training, during the "Thanksgiving Juhui such as 7" brand linkage activity held in Jiangsu Province from October 25 to November 18, and in the store management in the future, family members will become more professional and full of ambition

kroya is lucky because it trusted us and entrusted our dependent consumers from the beginning

to this day, the koraya people have accumulated a fruitful seven years with seven days of all-out efforts every week

we stand in the corner of seven continents, pouring literature, music and color into a thread, insisting on originality, dreams and cherishing feathers

we walk on the road that the navigator doesn't know, and take our original heart as the Big Dipper 7 star to shine ahead

may we, as we move towards the second seven years, be infinitely grateful for the coming years and the people who have given warm support to Gloria, until forever

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