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I believe many people have never heard of ERP. What is ERP? What is the ERP management software of home decoration? Someone who knows me will ask Xiaobian, how do I choose ERP software? How can I distinguish the quality of decoration ERP software? The decoration cloud housekeeper is here to give you a simple knowledge popularization

decoration management software is an important tool to change the productivity of enterprises. If used well, it can greatly improve marketing and reduce production costs; Bad use will become one of the main factors that affect earnings. Therefore, we need to compare the service energy cost and service value when making choices. How can decoration enterprises correctly choose ERP management software:

both software and decoration are service-oriented industries. If software is used as a product, it is like decoration is a material, which is a wrong view; Because software is a service rather than a product, customers are not comparing the price of the software itself, but care about the value and quality provided by the service. The pricing of software is based on the service quality and service cycle. How many customers can the software company serve each month and how much each customer charges can not only ensure that customers get preferential prices, but also meet the monthly operating income of the software company's technical team's maintenance cost, after-sales implementation department's service cost, marketing promotion cost, etc

if the software is too cheap, it will inevitably lead to a lack of development content and insufficient service cycle, which cannot be guaranteed. This kind of software is cheap and a waste, so every set of software must have a reasonable price, otherwise the quality of after-sales service cannot be guaranteed. More importantly, it is not that the higher the price of software, the better. Software is an important tool for production, and the choice needs to be treated carefully. Therefore, it is necessary to make a field visit to several software in this field to truly feel the ability of competitors in the service, just like inviting the owners of the decoration industry to see the house, and then decide which company to choose

the above is about how to distinguish the quality of ERP software. I hope you can polish your eyes when choosing to decorate the cloud housekeeper ERP. Over the years, it has sincerely served major enterprises with high-quality services and products to help you solve any problems you encounter. It is your trustworthy choice

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