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Ultra precision CNC machine tools: technology leading development diversification

precision is the mainstream trend of CNC machine tools "In the past 30 years, the world-wide machine tool technology has developed to a great extent, and the development trend of machine tool technology has also shown diversified characteristics, such as the trend of high precision, high-speed movement, multi motion axis, high reliability, multi-function compounding, reconfiguration, low energy consumption, environmental protection and intelligence. Precision is the mainstream trend of CNC machine tools in the past 30 years, But among all the trends, the trend that can best reflect the mainstream of development should be the trend of high precision and intelligence. Liubingye emphasized that high precision is the mainstream development trend of CNC machine tools, and the precision of ultra precision CNC machine tools is one order of magnitude higher than that of precision machining

ultra precision NC machining technology involves a wide range of technical fields. In the research course of Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute for more than 30 years, aiming at the related technologies involved in ultra precision machining technology, liubingye systematically summarized the key frontier research in 36 aspects and 11 leading core technologies. Among them, the key frontier research includes six aspects: design, moving parts, measurement and analysis, process technology, host machine manufacturing technology and machine tool application condition technology. The leading core technologies include: key structure manufacturing technology of ultra precision spindle, key structure manufacturing technology of ultra precision linear motion parts, high-resolution motion drive technology, processing technology manufacturing technology of key parts of machine tool, feature technology of parts resisting external interference, structure of high stability and rapid linear motion and the placement direction of manufacturing samples must be parallel to the fixture technology, nested structure design technology of multi motion axis machine tool, And machine tool integrated manufacturing technology for target parts manufacturing

recently, the core technology of ultra precision CNC machining equipment that can control the micro movement of one tenth of a millimetre has made a major breakthrough in China. This scientific and technological achievement of the National 863 key project with China's independent intellectual property rights has passed the national appraisal in Shangyu, Zhejiang Province. This means that China has entered the international advanced ranks of ultra precision machining equipment manufacturing, which is of great significance to improve the overall level of China's manufacturing industry

according to experts, having the manufacturing capacity of ultra precision CNC machining machine tools is an important sign of the emergence of a blowout power in the manufacturing express packaging industry. At present, only a few countries in the world master these technologies. In order to improve the overall level of the manufacturing industry, China has been actively exploring. The crankshaft follow-up grinding machine tool needs to integrate advanced technologies such as hydrostatic guide rail, trajectory control, measurement compensation, etc., which can be superior to the international similar advanced grinding machines in key technical indicators, so it is not easy. This core technology of ultra precision NC machining equipment is an original breakthrough, which has practical significance for promoting the development of China's machine tool industry and improving the overall level of manufacturing industry. Let's see that we can detect the hope of rapid improvement of China's machine tool industry through tensile experiments

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