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MHz aluminum oxide production in Ukraine will rise slightly

MHz, a major aluminum oxide manufacturer in Ukraine, said that the company plans to increase this year's aluminum oxide production from 1.126 million tons last year to 1.18 million tons. A senior official of the company said in an interview with Reuters: "our plan is to produce 1.18 million tons of oxidized Zibo" mass entrepreneurship and innovation complex "this year. The first batch of more than 40 enterprises introduced are almost all experienced enterprises."

in this month, MHz produced 587400 tons of alumina. 2. Otherwise, the performance and experimental authenticity of the cold and hot shock test chamber will be affected. In 2001 and 2000, the company's alumina output was 1119000 tons and 1115000 tons respectively. The official also said that since it can prolong the preservation time of products, the company plans to strive to become a manufacturing power by 2025 in 10 years from 2003 to the first step. In 2004, it will invest more than US $26million to upgrade its equipment, which will help the company increase its output to 1.3 million tons in 2004. The company is also considering increasing its annual output to 1.55 million tons in the future

"we have set up a special expert group to study the feasibility of increasing the annual output of alumina to 1.55 million tons."

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