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Ukraine has become an emerging potential market for Chinese rubber enterprises

"Ukraine should become one of the emerging potential markets for China's rubber industry." Xuwenying, Deputy Secretary General of China Rubber Industry Association, who visited Ukraine just last month, said that Ukraine is a market that China's rubber industry urgently needs to develop. At present, Chinese rubber products are rarely exported to Ukraine

xuwenying pointed out that, on the one hand, Ukraine is the second largest European country after Russia, with good highway facilities and high car ownership. Almost every family owns at least one car in Kiev, the capital. There is a great market demand for the automobile industry, even the tire industry and rubber products; On the other hand, there are few local rubber production enterprises in Ukraine with high production costs. Chinese products have competitive advantages. Therefore, Chinese rubber additives, framework materials, rubber machinery, tires, pipe belts, etc. have broad market prospects in Ukraine

when xuwenying inspected the Ukrainian market, he found that Ukrainian rubber enterprises did not know much about China's rubber industry. She said: "When we talked with them, we found that they were very confident in the quality of their products, but thought that Chinese rubber products were backward and sold cheaply. However, through investigation, we found that the technology and quality of many Chinese rubber products had far exceeded them, and the prices of similar products were about 30% higher than ours. However, the Ukrainian people were friendly to China, and Chinese rubber enterprises should deal with Ukraine when adjusting the export market structure And other Eastern European markets. "

according to xuwenying, this visit is the first time that China Rubber Industry Association has organized domestic rubber enterprises to Ukraine. The main purpose is to understand the basic situation of Ukrainian rubber industry on the spot and prepare for the next development of Ukrainian and Eastern European markets

xuwenying pointed out that the global financial crisis had a huge impact on the Ukrainian market, and many enterprises closed down or stopped production, especially at the most professional and largest rubber exhibition in Ukraine. One of the important activities for the Chinese rubber industry delegation to visit Ukraine this time was to visit the 11th Ukrainian International Rubber Exhibition held in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, but the results of the visit were disappointing. First, the exhibition has less than 40 booths and more than 80 exhibitors; Second, the internationalization degree of the exhibition is relatively low. In addition to 2 Russian enterprises and 5 Chinese enterprises, other exhibitors are local enterprises in Ukraine; Third, the audience is very small. The main audience is the Chinese rubber industry delegation from afar. The organizer explained that the small scale of this year was mainly affected by the financial crisis. Last year, there were more than 150 exhibitors, 80 booths and more than 1000 visitors, but this year it was only half of last year

however, xuwenying is still very confident in the Ukrainian market. Ukraine is an important production base of passenger cars, trucks and cars in the former Soviet Union. After the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, the new type of recycled plastic granulator has been continuously optimized and updated. Although the automotive industry in Ukraine has experienced a period of silence, it has now begun to step into a new development track. It is understood that the number of cars owned by thousands of people in Ukraine is 130, which is lower than 167 in Russia, and far lower than the level of 323 new materials developed by a group of international researchers from Queen's University in Eastern Europe and more than 500 in Western Europe. The car ownership in Ukraine has increased by 8% every year, and now it has reached about 7million (about 6million of which are cars). The average service life of its cars in use is 13 years, of which 3.5 million cars produced in Russia have an average service life of more than 18 years. Millions of old cars will gradually enter the replacement cycle, which is an excellent opportunity for Chinese automobile and parts manufacturers. It is only two years since Chinese automobile entered the Ukrainian market. However, according to the statistics of Ukrainian automobile information consulting company, Chinese automobile accounts for 30%-40% of the market share of Ukrainian economical family cars below 10000 euros. Chinese tire enterprises should have greater business opportunities

in addition, the Chinese rubber industry delegation also visited two factories in Ukraine, one is the hose and tape factory in Kiev, and the other is the rosava tire factory about 80 kilometers away from Kiev. Rosava tire factory, founded in 1972, is one of the 17 tire factories in the former Soviet Union and the largest of the only three tire factories in Ukraine. It can produce about 550000 bias tires and semi steel tires every year

the whole plant has a large area, there is no odor in the plant, the whole plant has a high level of logistics automation and production specialization, but the molding machines and other equipment are old-fashioned. Wangyupu, chairman of Sinopec Group, said that the molding machines made in China are not as advanced as those made in China, so Chinese rubber machinery should make a difference in Ukraine

xuwenying said that Chinese rubber additives enterprises have begun to pay attention to the Ukrainian market. At the February 17 professional exhibition of Ukrainian international rubber just 10 days ago, five enterprises including China's northeast additives, Shandong Hailong Bolet, Junma chemical fiber, Jiangsu Sinorgchem and Zhedong Huangyan participated in the exhibition. They hope to enter the markets of Ukraine and surrounding countries as soon as possible through this exhibition

xuwenying finally reminded the enterprise that because Ukrainians are conservative and closed, and the language is mainly Russian, few people can communicate in English, so the communication is not very smooth. "English is not available in Ukraine at all. If Chinese rubber enterprises want to develop the Ukrainian market, they must solve the problem of language communication."

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