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UMS skeldar accelerates the production line of VTOL UAV in June after the operation of UAV, citing US media news, UMS skeldar, a supplier of rotor UAV platform, announced that it has accelerated its workforce and accelerated the production line of skeldar v-200 UAV and its variants to achieve the victory of a series of new contracts

in the past 12 months, the company experienced the expansion of nearly 100 full-time employees in 2012, with an increase of 74% in linxueping, Sweden and mhlin, Switzerland, and is still actively seeking to fill the vacant positions of technical experts after two weeks, including design engineers, pilots, project managers and machinists

in addition, UMS skeldar is cooperating with more than 20 consultants, of which at least 5 full-time personnel have been converted to full-time employees, as well as full-time technicians and operators, who carry out outsourcing manufacturing business in scanfil's Swedish factory in tvidaberg. The site is located several kilometers south of linxueping's UMS skeldar Swedish base

ums skeldar CEO Axel Cavalli Bjorkman explained: "with a large number of orders, we plan to increase resources, including highly skilled technicians and management teams to design, build, fly and maintain our rotating UAV portfolio."

"for UMS skeldar, this is an exciting moment, and it emphasizes that the global strategic focus for naval and maritime customers is to make the right decisions by taking advantage of our unparalleled capabilities. These include NATO STANAG (standardization agreement) compliance, such as Hirth heavy fuel engine, which in turn makes our overhaul interval (TBO) Far better than any of our competitors, as well as the confidence of proven payload sensors such as VIDAR optical radar systems. "

manufacturing, customer acceptance and flight training programs are conducted simultaneously with targeted global marketing and business development strategies, led by David Willems, head of business development, He explained: "our work plan has won long-term target customers in various industries, including shipping. It allows us to focus on priority and substantive contracts, enabling us to further strengthen our R & D business while making unprecedented construction plans."

at the same time, UMS skeldar continues to build strategic international relations, including:

German partner ESG, as the main leader of the German Navy contract and the federal defense force - the helicopter test of the unmanned team (mum-t)

through the acquisition of the Hirth business at the Benningen plant near Stuttgart, Germany, including research, development and manufacturing, the adoption of innovative two-stroke engine products and technologies, and global sales in Vienna, Austria

nordic unmanned and norce Norwegian research center as are multi role operators for the European maritime safety agency

as part of ocean2020 together with partner Saab, this is the most important project related to the European defense agency program. Demonstrations were held in the Mediterranean in 2019, coordinated by the Italian Navy, and in the Baltic in 2020, by the Swedish Navy

cooperated with airflite in Australia to provide exclusive maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and technical support services for the multi rotor unmanned UAV combination and the VIDAR (visual inspection and ranging) of sentient vision systems, which is an airborne long-lasting wide area maritime search system

cavalli Bjorkman concluded: "We support the twin businesses in Sweden and Switzerland. With the support of R & D, avionics and software development, we have a center of excellence for prototype manufacturing and testing, giving full play to the great advantages of our multinational experts and highly active staff. As a team."


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