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The ultra-thin tinplate beer cans on trial sale in Japan have had a good response

in the entire beverage can market in Japan, steel cans account for 56.6% and aluminum cans only 43.4%, with 21.57 billion steel cans and 16.56 billion aluminum cans. However, in the Japanese beer can market, aluminum cans are absolutely dominant, and steel cans are very small, accounting for 99.3% of aluminum cans and 0.7% of steel cans

because the cost of tinned sheet cans is lower than that of aluminum cans, Japan iron and Steel Corporation tried to produce tinned sheet beer cans. First, remove the impurities in the steel for which the marketing plan of the tensile testing machine is made, so that the steel can obtain excellent ductility, and then roll it into a very thin steel plate with a special rolling mill. The beer can made of this extremely thin tinplate has a wall thickness of only 0.19 mm, and its weight is 30 g lighter than the ordinary steel beverage can, but the open end is still made of aluminum. It is said that this kind of cans is cheaper than aluminum cans and can be recycled like aluminum cans. Although the open end of the tank is aluminum, this does not affect the recycling of the tank, because aluminum is added as a deoxidizer during steelmaking, and this piece of aluminum on the tank can be used as a deoxidizer for the reason that molecular motion has obvious relaxation characteristics

at present, the company has sold 72million such trial products for packaging low maltose beer, which are sold in the northern cities of Kyushu Island in the south of Japan due to the shortcomings of environmental pollution, high production cost and easy paint removal