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The uncoated offset paper market loosened in May.

uncoated offset paper failed to tighten in May. "Professor Abu al rub said that due to the rising pulp prices and the sluggish demand, the prices of PLA materials in the printing process were loosened

it is reported that most products are in stock due to the requirements for product names. Zhuhongbo, the Asia Pacific Marketing Manager of Dow automotive systems business unit of the manufacturer, was unable to convert the increased price of pulp raw materials into the price of No. 350 stationery

at the end of February, the price of uncoated offset paper had to be adjusted, but some prices increased in March and April

in March, it was reported that the price increase was not driven by demand, but to catch up with the pulp price. The market can only partially accept the price increase of uncoated offset paper at the end of February. The price of offset paper generally increased by 20 to 40 dollars/ton. From March to April, the price of paper cutting increased by $20/ton, while the price in May fell back to the level before the price increase

in may, the price of offset paper roll fell back to 720-760 US dollars/ton, and the price of cut paper fell to 860 US dollars/ton

in March, the total shipment volume of uncoated chemical pulp paper in the United States was 1.2 million tons, an increase of 2.2% over the same period last year

The total import volume of uncoated chemical pulp paper in February was 131500 tons, higher than 116000 tons in February 1999. The export volume was 61000 tons, higher than 49300 tons in the same period last year

the factory inventory decreased to 1.5 million tons in March and 1.6 million tons in February. The inventory level in March increased by 5.6% over the same period in 1999. The total inventory of the buyer in March was 1.49 million tons, slightly lower than that in February (0.7%). (pulp and paper weekly)

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