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Ultra clean medical polyethylene aseptic packaging materials have great potential

the inner packaging of traditional sterile API is glass bottle, special aluminum barrel and rubber bottle stopper. These packages need cleaning, drying, sterilization, preservation and other processes before use. The cleaning process of traditional packaging materials needs a lot of water, including purified water and water for injection, and the cleaning agent pollutes the environment; Drying and sterilization process need to occupy a lot of space, especially the storage process after sterilization takes up a lot of clean space; Glass 10) frequency limitation: 50 ~ 300Hz (the frequency can be greater than 300Hz); There is a risk of debris and foreign matter caused by hidden breakage of the bottle and the risk of drug contamination caused by falling particles from the rubber bottle stopper. The ultra clean medical polyethylene aseptic packaging material is made of medical polyethylene material by blowing film under specific process conditions, bag making, packaging and γ It is made by the process of X-ray irradiation sterilization. It is characterized by inert materials, good biological and chemical stability, compatibility with a variety of sterile drugs, barrier performance and mechanism. There is no doubt that the quality passes the customs, and the strength of the machine is good, which can better protect the sterile drugs. At the same time, it has the minimum number of surface particles and minimize the pollution to the packaged drugs

made of polyethylene, through film blowing, bag making γ The process of ultra clean medical polyethylene aseptic packaging material made by radiation sterilization and other processes is a process of material physical change, and the performance of its polyethylene raw material is consistent with that of the final product. Therefore, in the development process of ultra clean medical polyethylene aseptic packaging materials, it is necessary to consider not only the biological and chemical stability of polyethylene materials, but also its machinability and resistance to γ Radiation performance, etc

the production environment of ultra clean medical polyethylene pass height force measurement sterile packaging materials should be consistent with its use environment, that is, the background environment is a class B environment, and the particle control in the area where the membrane path passes through should meet the class a standard. The air supply and return direction of the clean environment and the setting of the personnel operation surface should meet the opportunity to keep the product surface receiving the minimum particle pollution, so as to ensure that the product meets the requirements of low particles to the greatest extent

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