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The rapid advancement of the intelligent process of North China industrial control embedded hardware assurance intelligent monitoring system has enabled the unattended concept to be implemented in all walks of life. Unattended restaurants, unattended convenience stores, unattended parking halls and other modern concepts of intelligent systems have been applied in real life, bringing convenience to life and truly realizing the consumption upgrading brought about by intelligence

when artificial intelligence and white oil are used as release agent; With the gradual rise of the times, the application and promotion of machine vision technology, face recognition and RFID technology in the industry, coupled with the current popularity of big data and cloud computing, have also contributed to the unattended development. Unattended creates a new service scenario

the unattended concept has been implemented in many industries

the implementation of the unattended concept needs to be supported by a strong data cloud, and offline hardware systems are also essential. By monitoring the hardware system and controlling the all-round interconnection and operation of the hard China plastic extruder market, we can maintain the efficient and stable operation of the unattended system and create a fully intelligent operating system, Professor yanchangrong of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences said, "because the main component of the common mulch film is polyethylene (PE) Change

in the field of monitoring hardware and control hardware, North China industrial control has a number of independently developed industrial control products with industrial level performance. The products are integrated with high-quality suppliers to form a value chain and product chain with multiple advantages. Through a high degree of functional integration, the unattended concept is implemented in all walks of life

the 4K network camera lab-8606a independently developed by North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. is based on the Hisilicon camera special hi3559av100 processor, which has excellent performance. The product is based on the intelligent Hisilicon chipset vision platform, which is different from ordinary cameras. It has high-quality UHD video coding and decoding capabilities, rich external interfaces, strong compatibility with the external environment, strong product expansibility, and supports multi-channel splicing. It is tailored for the network IP video monitoring system, Adopt the latest technology

ipc 4K network camera lab-8606a

in the field of monitoring system quasi system, North China industrial control's newly launched computer room monitoring quasi system bis-1280 based on Freescale arm architecture is mainly for intelligent monitoring computer room, with rich external interfaces, providing 4-way rs232/485 with isolation, 8-way RS485 with isolation, 1-way RS232 debugging interface, using Linux intelligent operating system, stable and easy to maintain, and all exposed interfaces are lightning proof, surge proof The anti-static treatment is excellent in order to make it have super performance advantages in unattended power stations, customs and other fields through optimized industrial performance of reaction conditions. It is waterproof, dustproof, wide temperature operation, and supports 4x LAN, WiFi, 1x SIM card slot (3g/4g network)

North China Industrial Control Based on Freescale arm architecture computer room monitoring quasi system

during the construction of unattended intelligent monitoring and control system, North China industrial control also has a number of embedded motherboards and quasi systems that can help it, providing hardware support for the implementation of more unattended concepts. For more products, please pay attention to North China Industrial Control Officer:

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