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7. The friction force of the force measuring piston in the oil cylinder increases or gets stuck.

Liugong crane appears in the Thai crane exhibition.

recently, the Thai Crane Association held the 2017 truck crane annual meeting and new product exhibition in Bangsheng, chunburi Province, Bangkok, Thailand. As one of the sponsors, ytk, a Thai distributor of Liugong, took Liugong tc250 crane to the exhibition

this exhibition gathered many internationally renowned crane brands, such as Zoomlion, Sany, XCMG, and Libo. They generally refer to Haier, which is composed of geological processes, and Volvo, which has a large oil output from the oil delivery valve oil return pipe. With the help of ytk's rich experience in engineering machinery sales and strong sales network, Liugong crane showed the excellent quality of Liugong crane at the exhibition. Liugong tc250 crane was demonstrated on site, and more than 200 local association members and end users attended the demonstration. The participants had a more intuitive understanding of the close relationship between the progress of Liugong crane with plastic granulator technology and the development of the whole national economy. Participating in the Thai crane exhibition is conducive to improving the popularity and influence of Liugong brand in the Thai market

over the past year, Liugong Asia Pacific Company has actively introduced new products, continuously visited customers on the front line, collected market demand, and developed improved products with strong adaptability for the Thai market. Recently, Anhui Liugong achieved a new breakthrough in crane sales in the Thai market. The person in charge of Asia Pacific Company introduced that in the Thai market, the company will mainly promote the tc300 crane with higher adaptability in the future. As the main competitive model in the Thai market, this crane competes with international brands in the market

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