The hottest Liugong clg856h loader detonated along

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Liugong clg856h loader "detonates" the Mediterranean coast

Liugong clg856h loader "detonates" the Mediterranean coast

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"reduce the cost, dear sir, today we have completed the shipment of the first batch of 10 clg856h loaders, and hereby send a telegram." Anxiously waiting for many days, there was finally an answer, and Liu Gong's North Africa regional sales manager was excited after receiving this. This is an unforgettable scene of Liugong's first batch of 30 high-value new products clg856h loaders entering the North African market after the spring of this year

Liugong clg856h loader is ready to start

strategize and win thousands of miles. In the future, in order to achieve a "good start" in 2017, as early as the fourth quarter of last year, zhuxiongbing, general manager of Liugong Middle East company, made a comprehensive deployment for this year's work. Zhu Xiongbing asked the North Africa office to collect and report the market war situation in an all-round way from the regional market situation, channel capacity, products, prices, transportation, accounts receivable, post market support, etc. at the beginning of each month, with unprecedented efforts

comprehensively switching the new product clg856h loader is one of the important tasks of the Middle East company this year. All employees of the Middle East and North Africa Office will not forget that Zhu Xiongbing led the sales, service, parts, logistics and other business teams to visit customers and dealers to tackle key problems, and completed a full set of solutions such as clg856h loader configuration, price, delivery time, credit support, service support and cost analysis in half a month. Customers and dealers were deeply moved by the rapid response and complete support solutions of the Middle East Company team. After many tough negotiations across regions, Zhu Xiongbing finally achieved a large order of 10 clg856h loaders in Morocco and 20 clg856h loaders in Tunisia

the first victory in the spring of this year has greatly encouraged all employees of the North Africa Office of the Middle East company. Zhuxiongbing said that Liugong's global strategy is a long-term development goal. The successful sales of the new product clg856h loader in Middle East countries is just the beginning, and there is still a more difficult road to go in the future. He hoped that all the officers and men of the North Africa office would work closely together to ensure the smooth connection and rapid implementation of the whole process of products, sales, services, accessories, logistics, etc. according to their different uses. He believed that such large orders and even larger orders would continue to emerge

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