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Liu Gong made a grand appearance with 41 products at BMW Shanghai 2012

Liu Gong made a grand appearance with 41 products at BMW Shanghai 2012

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Guide: as a leading enterprise in the industry, Liu Gong took the theme of quality inheritance and innovation as the theme in this BMW exhibition, including E-Series intelligent excavators, large high-end loaders, dressta large bulldozers 41 products such as self-made chassis cranes and large mining trucks appeared in full dress. Liu Gong with concise, direct

as a leading enterprise in the industry, Liugong took "infinite quality inheritance and innovation" as the theme in this BMW exhibition, and brought 41 products including E-Series intelligent excavator, large-scale high-end loader, dressta large bulldozer, self-made chassis crane and large mining truck. Liu Gong showed his strong confidence and strength in a simple and direct image, with complete and advanced construction machinery products, and in a friendly and fashionable way of publicity, bringing a stunning and perfect feast to the whole industry

regimental collaborative operations

in addition to the main models of Liugong loaders and excavators, Liugong's products displayed at this BMW exhibition also include construction machinery, piling machinery, mining dump trucks, dressta bulldozers and OVM anchorages. Among them, the new army dressta bulldozer is undoubtedly the highlight of this exhibition. Bulldozer products with pure European descent have finally unveiled their mysterious veil and met Chinese users for the first time

dressta td-40e bulldozer adopts imported Cummins qsk19 engine, which meets European stage Ⅲ A and American EPA Tier3 emission standards at the same time. It has good energy conservation and emission reduction effect and excellent working efficiency, and is competent for all bulldozing conditions. In addition to the new efficiency model of Jinan testing machine, the upgraded version of Liugong products led by clg950e II large tonnage excavator integrates excellent qualities such as intelligent control, comfort, efficiency, low consumption and simple maintenance, and comprehensively opens the door to the upgrading of Liugong's strategic core products. It is understood that the E-Series excavator exhibited by Liugong this time adopts an advanced IPC control system, which makes full use of the fuel consumption characteristics of the engine to achieve the best match between the engine and the hydraulic pump. It has many advantages, such as high operation efficiency, low fuel consumption, good economy and so on. At the scene, it was learned that the R & D of Liugong E-Series excavators came from the in-depth understanding of customers and competitors that the simulated tunnel built by rausberg in the market was constructed in full accordance with the national standards of tunnel design. On the basis of maintaining the advantages of Liugong D-series excavators, we strive to improve our products to the highest level, in order to meet the global market demand and create as much value as possible for customers

never-ending pace of leadership

over the years, under the guidance of the persistent pursuit of the strategy of developing high-end quality products, Liugong has provided strong support for developing high-end markets at home and abroad through mergers and acquisitions and strategic cooperation. However, Liugong's progress towards becoming a global leader has not stopped because of its current achievements. In this exhibition, Liugong once again took its continuous progress and officially announced its cooperation with Metso mining machinery. The cooperation between Liugong group and meizhuo Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. can enable both parties to complement each other's advantages and give full play to the advantages of meizhuo products and Liugong's domestic marketing network. Through the effective integration of product technology, sales network, enterprise brand and other resources of both sides, it is bound to encourage small electric furnace enterprises in the southwest, northwest and South China to jointly restructure, complement each other's advantages, cooperate and win-win, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, so as to establish a model of working together to create greater value for customers. In addition to the strong exhibition of products, Liugong also held a grand media meeting and wonderful user experience activities during this exhibition. At the Liugong Bauma China 2012 media conference, Liugong senior management interpreted the development and market trend of Liugong in the face of well-known national and international media, and expressed their firm confidence in the industry and the enterprise itself. In addition, Liu Gong also arranged a series of publicity activities at the exhibition site, including customer meeting, E-Series minicomputer demonstration. The normal improvement of product quality is just a factor to control the human-machine, material, method and environment in the production process. At the same time, he adopted a variety of on-site publicity means and media, such as exhibition video, touch screen demonstration, paper media and poster distribution, and performance interaction, which attracted tens of thousands of visitors to stop and watch with vivid The overall image of international Liugong, which is comprehensively displayed in the way of image, left a deep impression on the audience

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