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Liugong ouvim: a "turn around" to set three world records

Liugong ouvim: a "turn will still appear brittle or unstable toughness" to set three world records

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recently, under the traction of two 350 ton continuous swivel jacks of ouvim company, the cable-stayed bridge with the largest swivel weight in the world - Danyang Road overpass in Heze, Shandong Province, rotates flexibly counterclockwise. After 80 minutes, the bridge body rotated 81.67 degrees, smoothly crossed the Beijing Kowloon Railway and Xinyan railway, and accurately connected with the bridges on the East and west sides

ovim company is responsible for the swivel construction and cable-stayed finished cable hanging construction of Danyang Road overpass in Heze, Shandong Province. The interchange has a swivel length of 238 meters and crosses the Beijing Kowloon Railway, Xinyan railway and Heze freight yard 8-share railway, with a swivel weight of 24800 tons

one "turn" set three world records

the overpass twists, breaking three world records: the twists weigh 24800 tons, the world's largest so far; The length of the swivel bridge is 238 meters, making it the longest bridge in the world using single ball hinge rotation construction; The diameter of ball joint in the 4.5m test standard is also the largest diameter in the field of industrial casting at present

due to the heavy swivel weight, large rotation angle, long beam and complex bridge type, and affected by the main tower, main beam line type, cable force of stay cable and swivel weight of the bridge, how to accurately locate and smoothly rotate is the difficulty in swivel. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the swivel, the swivel construction adopts the full hydraulic, automatic and continuous operation swivel system designed and produced by ovim company. The system has the characteristics of good synchronization and balanced traction, which can make the whole rotation process stable without impact vibration. The special swivel system has been successfully used in the swivel projects of large and medium-sized bridges in China, and has been highly trusted and recognized by customers

the perfect closure of Danyang Road overpass in Heze, Shandong Province marks that the bridge Swivel Construction Technology of ovim company has been at the international advanced and domestic leading level, which is of great significance for our existing enterprises to focus on the recycling link. (this article is from Liu Gong)

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