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Liugong hoisting machinery: wait for you to challenge! The second season of "the strongest brain in the hoisting industry" challenge starts

recently, learning and office are on fire! As a rigger of technology flow, how are you? study? Chat if found loose? Or play games? Do you want to change your game? The second season of the hoisting industry's strongest brain challenge meticulously launched by Liu Gong is coming! When you challenge, you can learn knowledge and win big prizes. What are you hesitating about? Go ! Go ! Go !

you can participate in the challenge in the following ways

way 1: click here and jump to the challenge interface

way 2: long press to identify the QR code below, and jump to the challenge interface

the strongest brain selection

the second season of the hoisting industry's strongest brain challenge starts today and ends on February 17. At that time, the first and second prizes of the strongest brain, accelerating the development of advanced structural materials and high-performance composites after reviewing all the recorded values, will be selected according to the scores of the masters

first prize

3, Liugong crane model

second prize

5, Liugong vehicle waist pillow

third prize

10, dielectric consumption under high frequency wave small Liugong throw pillow is

warm tips:

the list of winners of the second season of the strongest brain challenge in the hoisting industry will be announced at a selected time. Please continue to pay attention to the dynamics of Liugong lifting machinery official account

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