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Liugong pays close attention to the "strong position" of users in "weak demand"

Liugong pays close attention to the "strong position" of users in "weak demand"

China Construction machinery information

the market share of Loaders remains above 18%, and continues to lead the industry; The forklift business increased by 26% against the trend, and the market share increased by 0.4 percentage points; The ranking of the road roller industry rose by 1, reaching the second place in the industry

provide decision support for the development of new material industry. In the difficult environment of economic adjustment and domestic construction machinery market shrinking for three consecutive years, Liugong pays close attention to the changing direction of user demand, takes effective countermeasures, looks for market breakthrough points, and strives to consolidate the "strong position" in the "weak demand". The market growth rate of main products is better than that of the industry. In January this year, the group achieved an operating income of 42 The volume reduction and position reduction was 2.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 28.7%; The total profit was 279 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 43.5%. The operating revenue and total profit achieved the annual targets of 29.8% and 157.7% respectively. Accounts receivable and inventories fell, and the number of export units increased

in order to play a key customer demonstration role in the market adversity, Liugong seized the opportunity of major project commencement, actively engaged in production and marketing docking with Guangxi construction engineering group, new development transportation group, Beibu Gulf port group and other key investment and construction enterprises in the autonomous region, and made efforts to expand the share of Liugong equipment with temperature correction in the verification results of major engineering projects. Innovate marketing methods and actively create competitive advantages. For example, Liugong Shanghai Jintai company innovated the marketing mode and carried out mobile service stations to provide customers with rapid service experience. The sales volume of hydraulic diaphragm wall grab increased by 44% year-on-year; Ovim has won the market with continuous technological innovation. Its main product segments have maintained obvious competitive advantages, and the market share of anchorages has continued to remain the first

in order to ensure the stability of the operation management and risk prevention and control system, Liu Gong is glad to strengthen internal management, strive to implement changes, and take a series of measures to improve efficiency; Implement sound financial control measures in difficult times, such as improving cash concentration to give play to higher capital efficiency, strengthening foreign exchange fund management, reducing risk exposure and exchange losses, so that the company's cost control level, profitability of major products, accounts receivable management level perform well, and the ability to control risk inventory and operational cash flow are ahead of the industry

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