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Liugong loader saved more than 100 students in the flood in Guang'an, Sichuan Province

Liugong loader saved more than 100 students in the flood in Guang'an, Sichuan Province

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recently, a photo of a loader transferring trapped teachers and students in the rain and wading in Sichuan Guang'an Electromechanical industry vocational and technical school has been widely reprinted and praised on Weibo and other networks

Liugong loader bravely saved more than 100 students in the flood in Guang'an, Sichuan.

Liugong group watched and paid attention to this saving feat at the first time. Through various efforts, the company contacted Liugong user Liu Hui, the master of the global fiberglass safety and protective equipment supply market, whose profit margin will reach 20%. Mr. Liu introduced the process of saving people at that time. From the evening of September 12 to the early morning of September 13, there was a heavy rainstorm in Guang'an City, and a heavy rainstorm in Guang'an District, the main city, caused waterlogging in some areas. On the morning of the 13th, Mr. Liu woke up and looked at the rising water in front of the door. He couldn't help worrying about the Liugong ZL50C loader staying in the Zaoshan logistics and trade park. When Mr. Liu came to the construction site, he found that the water had flooded to the bottom of the drive axle. He immediately started the loader to transfer to a higher place. As soon as the car was less than 200 meters away, Mr. Li, an old friend of Mr. Liu and a teacher from the College of mechanical and electrical engineering, called to borrow the loader. Because a low-lying dormitory building was flooded for more than one meter, students urgently needed to move to the safe and economical process improvement belt. How can the students not help when they are in trouble? Without saying a word, Mr. Liu directly drove the loader into the school, making more than 30 trips back and forth, transferring more than 100 students

Liu Gong's marketing staff sent gifts such as oil products to Mr. Liu to express their gratitude

considering that the flood did not exceed the tires at that time, and the driving axle of the loader may affect the service life of the product due to water from the air outlet, Liu Gong immediately organized manager Yang Xunqiang of Chongqing Huiyou Guang'an branch of the dealer to rush to Mr. Liu's home in the afternoon with the service staff to conduct a comprehensive inspection for the hero loader, And free replacement of relevant oil and engine oil filter elements and other accessories

Mr. Liu told us that this was not the first time he used a forklift as a lifeboat, because he used to drive a forklift for his boss in the quarry beside the Jialing River. The ZL50C loader he now uses was purchased from his former boss last year. When rainstorms came in previous years, they often used loaders to wade through the water to transfer materials on the quarry. To Mr. Liu's surprise, his ordinary help this time inadvertently made him a hero highly praised by everyone. He also received the active service from the manufacturer on the same day, and was able to get the support of the current home of Liugong factory. As a man who has been in love with Liugong for nearly 10 years, Mr. Liu felt very "comfortable" in his heart

"this is a ZL50C loader produced in 2008. At the same time, when using the interface on the controller, 1 it must maintain an accurate corresponding state of the loader. The forklift truck of Liugong is overbearing, and the ZL50C is a fighter of the loader Zhongdu." Mr. Liu said, "it has stable performance and high efficiency. It has been used for more than 13000 hours, and there are very few small problems at ordinary times. Compared with other brands, it is not only easy to find in the rental market, but sometimes the rent is hundreds of yuan higher, and it can be used amphibiously at critical moments. For loaders, it is better to choose Liugong to be comfortable and domineering!"

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