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Preview of PVC position increase and chemical sector market

after the explosive rise last Tuesday, PVC rose again in large quantities yesterday, with a significant increase in positions and trading volume, and both long and short sides once again poured into the "PVC battlefield". At the same time, the chemical industry sector also showed an overall upward momentum, with LLDPE rising by more than 2%. Tianjiao is the testing machine professional term of the testing machine factory first, and then rising. Insiders said that the "washing up" of PVC and other varieties in the previous period has basically ended, and the increase in downstream demand will bring a new round of market. Take PVC as an example. At present, the market has been hyping the demand of the real estate market next year; Tianjiao focuses on tire consumption behind the booming automobile market. In addition, the continuous fermentation of weather factors such as rain, snow and temperature will also highlight the transportation problems of related varieties again, and the chemical industry sector may have a beautiful performance in the future

a large amount of funds flowed into PVC

after about a month of "Silence", both positions and trading volume increased significantly yesterday. After the main contract 1003 opened at 7485, the futures price fluctuated upward and finally closed at 7655 yuan. You should browse our product knowledge in detail, up 1.73%. The trading volume increased by 345000 to 681000; The position increased by 40000 to 163000

from the transaction ranking, the top 30 bulls of the 1003 contract increased their positions by 16234 hands and more orders, including Zhejiang Xinhua and international futures increased by more than 3000 hands and more orders. The short side also has a lot of funds to enter the market. The top 30 short sellers increased their positions by 12602 empty orders, of which Zhejiang Yong'an increased 3801 empty orders, and the amount of empty orders has reached 15168. It can be seen that both the long and short sides are increasing their troops frequently, and the funds are enthusiastic about PVC

"the washing up has basically ended," said shuaige, an energy and chemical analyst at capital futures. After PVC rose in August, it has been falling in September and October, while other varieties have been rising in the same period. Therefore, this wave of washing up is relatively thorough, and there will be an upward market in the future

yesterday, the entire chemical sector showed signs of strengthening. Tianjiao first suppressed and then rose. The main 1003 contract of Shanghai Jiaotong opened at 21580 yuan/ton in early trading, and once fell after opening. In the afternoon, with only the replacement of sensors, crude oil, gold and the reversal of the stock market, bull confidence resumed, and a large number of buying emerged. Function introduction: the final closing price was 21675 yuan/ton, with 143366 positions, an increase of 16322 positions over the previous trading day. LLDPE, which belongs to the same chemical sector, also performed well yesterday. The main 1005 contract opened low and went high, and finally closed with an increase of 2.12%

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